Global Installations of the Tensator Virtual Assistant

  • Clarins

    Tensator created a shimmering centrepiece for French luxury fragrance brand Thierry Mugler – part of the Clarins Fragrance Group, with the world’s first full-height Tensator Virtual Assistant. The bespoke project was designed to promote the launch of Thierry Mugler’s 'Alien Extraordinaire' perfume in three flagship stores: House of Fraser and Selfridges Trafford Centre in Manchester and the Metro Centre in Newcastle.

    It became the first full-height projection example using this technology and delivered a spectacular display for shoppers, with a unique 'wow factor'.

  • BMW

    BMW specialist, Sytner, partnered with Tensator to launch the new BMW i3 in style. Virtual Assistant, "Lisa", immediately captures customer attention and talks visitors through the many benefits of BMW's new i3. The digital host debuted at Sytner's prestigious i3 launch event at The Crystal in London's Royal Victoria Docks and is now a permanent member of the Sytner promotional team.

  • Heathrow Airport

    Tensator deployed two Virtual Assistants in Heathrow's Terminal 4 to ensure a more efficient security process. Heathrow purchased the Virtual Assistants following a six-month trial, which showed a 7 per cent reduction in bag rejections, which resulted in fewer delays through the security process. One unit, Tensator VA Premium, was placed in the security area, and one VA Ultra situated at check-in. 'Louise', wears a full Heathrow security uniform and informs passengers about acceptable travel liquid amounts and other security processes.

  • Kings Cross Station

    King's Cross Station employed a Tensator Virtual Assistant to improve traveller safety. 'Louise' was positioned at the bottom of the escalator area to engage passengers with consistent and clear directional and safety announcements. Travellers with the heavy and oversized luggage are alerted to use the lifts to ensure safer, more efficient station traffic.

    During a six-week trial, the station saw an increase of over 260 per cent in passengers utilizing the lift. National Rail was so impressed by results that it has ordered another 7 units for implementation at various Kings Cross locations.

  • Grosvenor Casino Group

    The UK's leading casino operator, Grosvenor, wanted to showcase a new approach to service in the gaming sector and a more innovative solution to welcome its customers. Now, upon arriving, customers are given a warm welcome by Virtual Assistant, 'Lisa'. Visitors are offered information on Grosvenor's online Live Casino, general gaming updates, details on special events and current food and drink promotions. Following the successful trial run in Luton, the unit was posted in a number of other locations including the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London and six further Grosvenor sites in Reading, Portsmouth and Leeds.

  • Liverpool's Women Hospital

    Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust introduced a Tensator Virtual Assistant to Antenatal Clinic. 'Shanice' wears a maternity nurse uniform and welcomes patients and visitors to the Clinic at the Trust's Liverpool Women's Crown Street site. She provides a friendly face upon arrival, talks through clinic self-check-in procedures, explains what guests can expect from clinical assessments and offers information on several clinic services. Helpful advice announcements are also provided and patients are encouraged to give clinic feedback to ensure all patient and guest experiences are consistently successful.

  • Modell's

    Modell's CEO Mitchell Modell personally welcomed Super Bowl XLVIII fans to his Time Square flagship store via Tensator's Virtual Assistant. The "Virtual Mitchell Modell" was utilized on-site to offer suggestions on Super Bowl gear, share information on apparel, footwear, sporting goods and licensed team products, inform customers about the store's loyalty program and even provide directions on where to find certain items in-store.

  • ShopRite USA

    Wakefern Food Corp., the merchandising and distribution arm for ShopRite placed a second VA in its Flemington, NJ location to support customer awareness of its new ShopRite Mobile Scan application. Shoppers are greeted by the digital host and informed about how to use the app during any shopping experience.

  • eWeb Designz

    eWeb Designz is a full service, multicultural, and interactive design agency that specializes in Web, mobile, social, and print media solutions. Our services begin with market analysis and expand to complete business solutions including packaging, identity branding, Web, mobile, and social media design. They are utilizing the Tensator Virtual Assistant as another product offering for their diverse client base; it is an important element of their client’s integrated marketing program and acts as a greeter for national tradeshows and events.

  • Hertz

    Hertz, the U.S. number one auto rental company, introduced a Tensator Virtual Assistant, "Kate", at a recent internal meeting in Orlando and will soon be transferred to a local airport to efficiently inform and assist queuing customers. "Kate" provides pertinent company and travel information and directs customers to the on-site specific rental agents and areas like the ExpressRent Kiosks.

  • ShopRite

    Wakefern Food Corp., the merchandising and distribution arm for ShopRite, has grown into the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and the largest employer in New Jersey. The cooperative is comprised of 45 members who individually own and operate supermarkets under the ShopRite banner. Today, Wakefern and ShopRite together employ more than 50,000 people throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Wakefern Food Corp. had the Tensator Virtual Assistant on hand to entertain shareholders at the company’s annual meeting.

  • CARite

    Our customer, CARite, has only one goal in mind to help consumers find a quality CARite car that’s just right with low-mileage vehicle and low-cost financing to fit many budgets. CARite buyers hand select low-mileage cars from all over North America, using a tough grading system that only 20% of vehicles pass. The Tensator Virtual Assistant is being placed on-site at partner car dealerships where she will educate car buyers on the CARite buying process along with other general tips.

  • Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

    Luton and Dunstable Hospital has recently installed a Virtual Assistant called LinDa, to promote action in support of preventing infections and to communicate with patients, at the hospital’s main entrance. Claire Kilpatrick who has led the installation of LinDa, the ‘virtual nurse’, at L&D Hospital said:

    "LinDa provides information on important things, such as how patients can give feedback as part of our strong patient experience commitment here at the hospital, and how we can all help prevent infections by cleaning our hands at the right times, part of our hand hygiene campaign. We will be monitoring the impact LinDa has had and we aim to use this low maintenance-high impact piece of equipment for years to come, including updating its messages to suit our population's needs."

  • Dubai Airport

    Dubai International has taken the first custom designed Interactive Tensator Virtual Assistants, offering passengers important security and travel information through enhanced interaction via touchscreen integration, meeting Dubai International’s customer experience, operational and queue management needs. This is addition to the bilingual ‘virtual assistants’ that they took on board in December 2011.

    "Now passengers have immediate access to the information they need and in addition to hearing, and seeing the Virtual Assistant, they can get the specific information they need via touchscreen."
    - Majed Al Joker, Vice President Terminal Operations at Dubai Airports

  • Gartner Symposium, USA

    Gartner, who earlier this year named Tensator as a ˜Cool Vendor' for 2012, chose the Tensator Virtual Assistant to be the official greeter at the Gartner Symposium / IT Expo held in October in Orlando, FL.

    Located by the registration area, the Tensator Virtual Assistant provided 8,000 attendees with pertinent daily information on agenda highlights, mobile apps, social media engagement and external receptions.

  • Umwelt-Arena, Switzerland

    On 24th August, the Tensator Virtual Assistant made its debut in Spreitenbach, Switzerland greeting visitors to the stand of the Swiss specialty chemicals company, Clariant, at the eagerly anticipated opening of a three-year environmental exhibition at the Umwelt-Arena.

    Clariant are using Tensator’s state-of-the-art Virtual Assistant to welcome visitors to its exhibition stand at the Umwelt Arena, explaining what products and systems are being exhibited, and to reinforce its corporate social responsibility and environmental protection credentials.

  • Rookie USA

    As part of its grand opening, Rookie USA, a Manhattan-based premium, kids-only high end sports brand retail concept store, has installed a New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony Virtual Assistant from Tensator. The Virtual Carmelo Anthony is part of Rookie USA’s retail concept; creating a new, in-store experience and way to conduct retail marketing, explaining how to use the store’s interactive features, introducing the complete Melo line, offering in-store advice and guidance, describing the Rookie USA Loyalty Program and even sharing basketball tips. Rookie USA is the first retailer to leverage a celebrity Virtual Assistant to launch both a new highly interactive store and an entirely new brand.

    The Virtual Carmelo Anthony directs kids to the Hero’s corner to see superstar athletes in action and compare their footprints to those of their favourite athlete, invites them to experience the iPad bar, shoot hoops at Virtual Basketball Court, and use the interactive touch screens and kiosks located throughout the store.

    Watch the Video.

  • Boston Logan Airport

    Boston Logan International Airport has installed a bi-lingual Virtual Greeter, capturing passengers’ attention with its 3D look and feel and providing essential security information to help guide millions of passengers efficiently through its Terminal E security.

    The Virtual Assistant provides passengers with messages 24/7 regarding ID and boarding passes, federal regulations regarding liquids, garment removal and x-ray machines. Consistent instructions are delivered in both English and Spanish, and accompanied by highly visual information to help ensure passengers are clearly informed in order to improve efficiency, passenger flow and the overall airport experience.

  • Dulles International Airport

    Tensator has installed the first US Airport Virtual Greeter in Washington Dulles International Airport.

    Located at the International Arrivals Building, the custom designed Tensator Virtual Assistant captivates passenger attention with its 3D look and feel and provides welcome messages, essential Customs and Border Protection information, wayfinding guidance for connecting flights and even historical information on Dulles’ 50 year anniversary.

  • Oswestry Hospital

    The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) has installed a state-of-the-art Tensator Virtual Assistant to improve visitor flow through the reception area; speeding up check-in and enhancing patient satisfaction. Patients are guided through appointment check-in with information on how to use the hospital’s self check-in kiosks, with customer ambassadors also on hand to assist patients.

    Dependent on the day and time, the Tensator Virtual Assistant has been programmed to present scheduled audio-visual messaging, such as details of specific services operated at particular times and directions for visitors during visiting hours.

    "The Tensator Virtual Assistant is a novel way to improve messaging and communication to patients, assisting their access to the hospital."
    - Wendy Farrington Chadd, Chief Executive of RJAH

  • Frankfurt Airport

    In December 2011, Condor became the first airline in the world to benefit from the Tensator Virtual Assistant. The life-like announcer was pioneered to greet the airline’s passengers at its Frankfurt Airport hub, helping to simplify the airline’s check-in process.

    Within the same month, Fraport AG, the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), also installed its own Tensator Virtual Assistant, making it Germany’s first airport to use the advanced digital signage solutions.

    "We're always looking for ways to make our customers' journeys as easy and relaxing as possible and the Virtual Assistant enables us to provide them with valuable information that can speed up the check-in process."
    - Christian Schmitt, Vice President Ground Operations, Condor

  • Edinburgh Airport

    Edinburgh Airport have recruited two multi-lingual virtual members of staff to communicate important safety and security messages to waiting passengers in English, Polish, Spanish and Italian.

  • Bristol Airport

    In 2011, Bristol Airport deployed three next-generation Virtual Assistants to communicate vital safety and security messages and instructions to passengers while they pass through the Security Search Area and Immigration Hall, as part of a series of initiatives aimed at simplifying the security process and improving the passenger journey through the airport.

  • Duane Reade, New York

    Duane Reade, New York City’s largest drug store deployed a Tensator Virtual Assistant in its Wall Street megastore in July 2011. The Virtual Assistant provides Duane Reade and its customers with an exciting information, brand and promotional messaging platform.

    "Our Virtual Greeter is an essential part of the 'wow factor' we have built into our newest store and serves as ambassador of the new Duane Reade experience," said Duane Reade senior VP merchandising and CMO Paul Tiberio.

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