5 Best Ways To Make Your Queuing Systems Winter Ready

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5 Best Ways To Make Your Queuing Systems Winter Ready

The leaves are beginning to drop and Autumn is beginning to turn to Winter and the nights are drawing in. With the holidays fast approaching, more people are going to be out celebrating with friends and family.

If you run a hospitality venue or retail premises, you’ll be aware that getting customers to queue up outside at this time of year, in the cold and dark, is rather different to lining people up when it’s warm and sunny. At the same time, we know that many places, especially busy and popular ones, are still operating using ‘traffic‐light’ systems, so standing in line remains part of post‐pandemic life.

That’s likely to remain true of nightclubs and similar after‐dark venues, all of which will be hoping for a busier party season and run‐up to Christmas than they did in 2020 now that Covid restrictions have gradually been lifted.

However, customers may still feel uncomfortable visiting stores, bars, clubs and restaurants, despite the vaccination rates increasing and the easing of restrictions. Covid apart, many are worried about catching flu or the ‘super cold’, described by sufferers as the ‘worst cold ever’, which is going around. Not to mention the usual coughs and sneezes that inevitably kick in as the weather turns colder.

That means it’s important that you create an environment in which people feel safe, inside and outdoors, while standing in line. Get it wrong and you risk them taking their business to somewhere they do feel safe and protected – i.e. one of your direct competitors.

Especially at this time of year, queue management is vital so that you don’t keep people waiting longer than the recommended 15 minute waiting time outside in the cold and rain. Otherwise they may well simply give up and go home or elsewhere.

We have products to improve your winter queue experience


hand sanitiser unitHaving this stuff, well, to hand, always makes the customer feel safer. Our Hand Sanitiser Unit is an easy way to prevent cross contamination.

We offer a range of dispenser products, including ‘no touch’, lightweight and portable solutions which can be easily mounted on top of any Tensabarrier®.

The unit can be easily be refilled with any hand sanitiser brand saving you money, and easy clean drip tray catches any unwanted dripping onto the floor. The units can also be incorporated in any location within your venue in addition to your queue.



tensator merchandising bowl This can go on top of any regular Tensabarrier® or In‐Queue merchandising system, with the bowl fitting on securely.

It’s made from lightweight yet durable polycarbonate plastic, and you can fill it with wipes or tissues, sweets to thank people for waiting or small items of merchandise for impulse purchases.



post top mask holder This allows you to store disposable masks safely and hygienically, while keeping work surfaces clear as you supply masks to customers and employees.

The post-top mask holder is compatible with any Tensabarrier® or 2.5″ post. You can then move this to wherever you need it, and this product is suitable for a wide range of environments.



tensator night view webbing This is webbing designed to boost visual safety in a wide variety of applications, indoors and outside. Highly visible even in poor light, it comprises two strips of reflective material, directly woven into our finest webbing.

Our Nightview Webbing™ can be used to cordon off potential hazards or define safe traffic routes between the road and the pavement or pedestrian area. It also comes in a range of high‐visibility colours with a hard wearing recycled rubber base. What’s more, you can add it to any Tensabarrier® product. Ideal for after‐dark venues.



café barriers

You may want to consider introducing a cafe barrier system as part of your queue management solution. Not only are our cafe barriers easy to install, dismantle and store away, the banner itself is completely customisable for you to feature your branding or messaging.

The cafe banners are made using fabric that features a hard wearing dye print that does not scratch or deteriorate.

Alternatively, a cost effective method could be to use your cafe banners for saleable advertising space which could lead to great marketing opportunity and additional revenue streams.


Need help with your winter queue system?

At Tensator, our team of solutions experts can assist you in making your queue system winter‐ready. We combine our years of expertise with a consultative approach to ensure you receive the best possible products and systems to fit your business needs.

The team of experts here at Tensator are ready and waiting to help you in your search to get your queues winter-ready.

If you’d like more information or simply interested in more options, hit the request a consultation button below and we’ll be glad to help you keep business brisk, whatever the weather.


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