Are you summer ready?

Are you summer ready

It’s that time of the year, where we shake off our winter slumber and start to prepare for the summer period. Summer is a critical time for businesses, especially those in the leisure and hospitality sector. The sun is shining, kids are on summer holidays and parents are looking for ways to entertain their children.

Ensure you capitalise on the increased footfall in your business by following these simple tips to manage the crowd and to generate revenues:

  1. Effective crowd controlTensaguide® Plus, part of the Tensabarrier® range from Tensator is a highly adaptable, modular barrier system that can be used to aid visitor guidance and optimise people flow. Tensaguide® Plus can also be provided with media infill panels, which gives your business the perfect platform for branding, promotional messages or you can rent the space out to third party advertising, creating an additional recurring revenue stream.
  1. Clear signs for direction– Businesses need to be mindful of the customer journey and ensure that it is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. One way to improve the customer journey is to provide clear information for wayfinding and special offers. Digital signage can be a great way to cut through the informational noise created by traditional signage. Use the Tensator® Virtual Assistant, the next generation digital signage, to get the right message, to the right people at the right time.
  1. Keep them busy– At peak times, queues in your business may become long, but this shouldn’t be an area for concern. If you have implemented a robust queue management system, your customers should feel at ease. It’s widely reported that an occupied wait feels shorter than an unoccupied wait, so businesses need to ensure they have the appropriate tools to distract their queuing customers. Distraction could be achieved by using In-Queue Merchandising, where customers can browse impulse purchases and promotional offers, or you could provide digital media to keep customers entertained while they wait.
  1. Electronic queuing– Electronic queuing is a solution that manages queues, speeds up customer flow and removes queuing related anxieties and frustrations by managing the distribution of waiting customers to the available service points on a first come, first serve basis. Electronic queuing has proven to increase service productivity by 35 percent and reduces walk-aways by up to 96 percent. Through the introduction of electronic queuing to your business you can rest assured that you have a robust queue management system, capable of handling the increased influx of visitors.

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