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Queue management in action

Queue management in action: which industries can benefit the most?

Physical queues will spring up anywhere that users come in person to buy a product or take advantage of a service, whether that’s a retail store or a transit hub. For managers, this raises a number of issues, from customer safety to efficient use of space. A queue doesn’t have to be long for you […]

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Blog polling station image

Polling the voting experience

As voters go to the polls today, they will have put careful consideration into which candidate they will choose, but few would expect to be denied the chance to cast their ballot slips. Back in 2010, turnout was much higher than expected and thousands were turned away from polling stations across the country. Despite queuing for […]

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manual call forward queuing

Visitors form an orderly queue at Hastings Council HQ

Press Release As part of ongoing improvements to customer service, through its new One-Stop-Shop reception area, Hastings Council has teamed up with leading queue management specialist, Tensator, to ensure that visitor waiting times are kept to a minimum and queries are quickly directed to the right department. The innovative web-based system incorporates a single line […]

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