Indoor Separation Panelling

Create a physical separation barrier, between service positions, walkways or within a queue

Tensator’s panel system can be used to create physical barriers between areas whether within a queue or individual areas, such as service points and self-serve checkouts — reducing the need to close positions in the interest of social distancing, and therefore limiting impact on capacity.
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  • The panels can be retro-fitted within an existing queue layout and attach to any Tensabarrier® or 2.5” diameter post.
  • Perfect for maximising queuing space. Using the separation screens avoids having to leave space in adjacent queues.
  • Panels can also be provided as freestanding screens using Tensabarrier® retractable posts.
  • A modular system – can create and change the layout according to your requirements.


  • Airports: check-in queues, immigration halls, passport control, boarding gates.
  • Stadiums: entrances, ticket offices.
  • Transportation hubs: entrances and exits, ticket offices, ATM’s & ticket machines.
  • Other applications: shopping centres, leisure facilities, indoor tourist attractions, kiosks, ATM’s
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Available on a range of bases – surface fixed, magnetic & heavy weight.

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Standard finish silver grey, but can be customised as required

separation panels covid


1.8m high as standard and available in a variety of width from 1.2m to 1.8m.

separation panels covid


Comes as standard with a transparent 5mm highly durable PETG plastic panel. Can be frosted or a solid colour as required.

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