Social Distancing Post

Enforce 2 Metre social distancing

The Tensator Social Distancing Post makes enforcing 2-metre social distancing requirements easy. The posts are perfect for indoor & outdoor use. They feature a lightweight plastic post with a heavy-duty rubber base that is easy to install and set out at 2m distances, using the rope as guidance. This will ensure that customers are reminded and adhere to social distancing rules when queuing or moving through areas. Eye-catching graphics on the posts is a great customisable communication tool to remind customers that they must keep their distance.

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Product Details

social distancing post

Features & Benefits

  • A lightweight plastic post that screws fixes into a recycled rubber heavy duty base.
  • The patented top cap allows for the rope to slot into the channel and lock in
    place without the need to tie or knot the rope- this allows for quick and simple assembly of the barrier.
  • The heavy-duty base can be walked or driven over and it will still retain its shape and function.
  • The post can be supplied with a standard vinyl safety message graphic wrap or customised as required with your own safety message.
  • The post and base can be quickly assembled and dismantled for easy storage and transportation.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, but shouldn’t be permanently placed outside.

Product Specification

  • Plastic post available in UV stable white.
  • Recycled rubber base available in black.
  • 6-millimetre diameter rope available in four colours.
  • Shipped flat packed with no tools required.
  • Available to buy in a pack of 6 posts with 50 meters of rope.
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