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Vodafone Portual – Cell phone top-up

Virtual queue management VQMS


The Vodafone Group is the mobile telecommunications company with the most significant presence around the world. In September 2009, Vodafone Portugal had 323 million customers, calculated on a proportionate basis, in the 31 countries where the Group had ownership interests. The brand was also present in a further 40 countries through partnership networks.

Vodafone is a key player in the telecommunications market in Portugal, and a leader in innovation, brand image and customer satisfaction.
Vodafone has around 5.8 million Customers registered on their cellular service, corresponding to over one third of all mobile service customers in the national market. Vodafone continues to differentiate itself as the most innovative and Customer-oriented Portuguese operator through the development of useful and competitive services, making available the best offer in the market.


Vodafone needed a solution whereby they could release desks from the mobile top up service. ECHARGE meets this need, and as a result allows better management in terms of sales and support to customers at the counter, as well as costs saving for the company.

The increase in points of service to its Customers, for mobile phone charging, provides Vodafone with great advantages, as well as in the performance of the employees at its stores, while approaching the business to its customers and reinforcing the commitment to innovation.


TTensator self service kiosks

Vodafone Portugal installed Tensator self service machines to improve the customer journey

The Customer, upon arriving at the equipment, enters their mobile number, through the virtual keyboard. The equipment is connected to the Vodafone’s database system, which allows the validation of the phone number and continuing with the process.

After validation, the Customer will be asked to carry out the payment. The payment confirmation is sent immediately, the equipment issues a receipt to the customer and, at the same time, sends a text message to the customer’s mobile phone, with the confirmation of the charging operation.


Vodafone has 42 mobile phone charging machines connected to its Customer’s Database. Remotely and through a network connection, it’s possible to obtain and manage statistical data about their stores.

The 42 machines are fitted into the store furniture, integrating the design conceived by Vodafone, while complying with the Newvision’s standard safety and certification regulations.

Newvision, A Tensator Group Company, already provided 15 new machines that will be installed in a third phase, whenever convenient for Vodafone.


Kiosks Prime VQMS

Kiosks were used to implement Vodafone’s virtual queue management system

The equipment’s are installed in Vodafone stores, across the Country, from North to South and in Azores and Madeira islands.

The return on investment for each equipment, was calculated by Vodafone to be 8 months. ECHARGE solution is installed in Vodafone Portugal stores since 2005, being all the equipment installed included in the maintenance support contract signed with Newvision, A Tensator Group Company.

Kiosks were used to implement Vodafone’s virtual queue management system

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