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About Tensator® Barriers

We are the inventors of the original retractable queuing barrier, Tensabarrier or Tensator Barriers – we set the market standard for crowd control products.

Whether you want to manage your queuing space, or cordon off access to a restricted area, there will be a Tensabarrier® for your needs. Tensabarrier® allows you to enhance space, while reducing risks of costly accidents that could be caused within your business area.

Unlike competitor products, Tensabarrier® and Tensator barriers have an originally patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes. As a result, the webbing falls to the floor upon release before slowly retracting back into the stanchion. Tensabarrier® Tensator barriers are one of the safest stanchions on the market and have been designed using the highest quality materials and extensive expertise.

Our products are carefully packaged to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.  Many of our products are flat packed, so they reach you quickly and efficiently, and require no tools for assembly.

Choose from a wide range of post finishes and webbing colours to find the right product for your needs.


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Retractable barriers from Tensabarrier and Queueway are superior crowd control barriers that work by creating a clear queuing environment for waiting customers, reducing frustration and speeding up the flow of your queue which improves efficiencies. They effectively guide and inform customers and offer safety in crowd control.

If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Sales Experts for a free consultation.

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