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For over a century, Tensator has been organizing the movement of people from point A to point B. As the world’s leading queue management and health and safety specialist, we offer a wide range of products that showcase the quality workmanship that has been our hallmark since 1881.

Today, we provide customer experience management consulting and turnkey queue flow solutions to customers in over 150 countries around the world. Our ability to deliver strategic solutions with a superior ROI has made us a preferred supplier for large-scale enterprises that depend on the effective movement and organisation of people.

With this experience, we have developed innovative products that keep defining the industry. We understand that not all business are large and require consultative support, so we decided to launch Tensator Shop to provide products and information to small and medium enterprises, with the same quality and efficiency of our large scale projects.

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We have developed a number of industry-leading brands that offer products that benefit businesses from all sectors from retail to hospitality, manufacturing to finance, education to healthcare and transport to sport. These brands are used in applications all over the world and help business keep in control of their queues and customer journey.

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As the inventor of the world-famous Tensabarrier, Tensator has set the market standard and we don’t think our customers should accept anything less. Tensabarrier is one of the safest barriers on the market; and unlike competitor products, it has a braking system that slows the retraction of the webbing, significantly reducing the risk of an accident.

Invented in the 1970s and still selling one barrier every 34 seconds, we are very confident that the Tensabarrier remains the industry-leading product. The biggest brands and companies trust Tensabarrier to maintain a level of quality and organisation for their operations. You can find Tensabarrier in the largest airports, retail stores and sporting venues, helping improve the customer journey.


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The Lawrence Metal brand had humble beginnings as a metal fabricating shop founded in New York in 1881. Since then it has become the world’s premier manufacturer of decorative queuing and crowd control solutions. Famous for the renown velvet post and rope stanchions used in casinos, bars, hotels, museums and other acclaimed locations all over the world, the Lawrence Metal name has become synonymous with quality and prestige.

With Lawrence Metal becoming part of the Tensator Group, the post and rope product offering perfectly supplements a full range of contemporary queuing products and organisational solutions.


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QueueWay was born in the wake of Tensabarrier as a cost-effective solution to the world’s favourite retractable belt barrier.

Although QueueWay has a reduced range of finishes and webbing options, it was created to offer the great quality products with the most popular configurations to small retailers and hospitality establishments at an affordable price. Over the years QueueWay has become an established brand itself and one of the market leaders for queue management solutions.


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