Social Distancing Seat Strap

Enforce social distancing with clear out of service seating areas

The Tensator Social Distancing Seat Strap is perfect for enforcing social distancing in public seating areas. The rigid band is secured in place with heavy-duty, industrial-strength, velcro and can be quickly removed and stored when not in use. All messaging and imagery can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

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Product Details

social distance seating


  • Available with any Tensator® wide (150mm) webbing options.
  • Messaging and design are created with our bespoke webbing service.
  • Band length is customised to suit your seating requirements.
  • Comes as standard with Velcro fixing.


  • Cordon off out of service seating areas.
  • Use to enforce social distancing in public spaces.
  • Ideal for: airports, shopping centres, casinos, movie theatres, sports stadiums, leisure facilities
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