Tensamedia® Wayfinding and Signage

Evolve Your Queue

Enhance your visitor’s experience with our range of customisable wayfinding and signage solutions. Designed to meet any specific needs, incorporate these products to improve space is easy to navigate and to boost brand awareness. Once installed these products will ensure everyone will recognise your space. Even in busy locations like airports. Explore our range now to find the perfect solution for your organisation.

Tensamedia Products and Solutions

InQ-Totem Signage

Robust and eye-catching wayfinding signage products. Ensure important information, such as navigational instructions or promotions, are easily seen by visitors.New call-to-action

Post-Top Sign Holders

Catch the eyes of visitors by attaching post-top sign holders directly onto Tensabarrier products. Compatible with your existing queue posts.New call-to-action

Tensaguide® Panels

Transform queue spaces into additional advertising spots with the Tensaguide barrier system. Modular, and ideal for providing a robust division in your queues.New call-to-action

Tensabarrier Webbing

Raise brand awareness with artwork and printed messaging. A long-term solution for sprucing up your queue spaces, using strong, military-grade barrier webbing.New call-to-action


Get in touch if you need more information about our Tensamedia products.

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