Tensamedia Eco Mediablade

Highlight messaging with a unique signage design

Environmentally friendly and unique, the Tensamedia Eco Mediablade is the perfect product to evolve your queue. Display promotions and ensure short-term marketing messages are visible to visitors with this customised signage solution. Fix the custom signage directly onto existing Tensabarrier products with minimal effort to maximise your queue space. Plus, you can work with us to create your own artwork if you do not have a design team on hand. So you will always be able to incorporate bespoke signage and artwork into your queues.

Choose between single-sided or double-sided signage printing. To capture visitors on entry and on exit, we recommend double-sided printed signage to maximise any potential opportunities.

Manufactured from FSC-certified sources, this indoor signage product is made from 100% cardboard and is fully recyclable. This means you can dispose of the company signage when you need to replace with fresh artwork.

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Features & Benefits

Fully Customisable

100% Recycled Cardboard


No Tools Required

FSC-Certified Sources

Attaches to existing Tensabarrier

customer flow management

Downloadable Content

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