Facilities Management


Managing a facility is a big undertaking. From regular maintenance, cleaning, snow removal to unexpected heating and cooling system hiccups, there’s always new tasks to tackle. Tensator® partners with Facilities Managers, offering solutions to support your regular and irregular tasks as well as preventing potential accidents along the way.

Why Use Facilities Management Solutions?

Safety first

Maintain site-wide safety with Tensabarrier® wall mounts and barrier solutions which enable you to cordon off hazardous areas.

Inform of dangers

Avoid trips and falls during maintenance work with visual cues including ‘caution – do not enter’ as a message option on our Tensabarrier® retractable belts.


Protect warehouses, loading bays and most importantly your workers with our Impact Protection range.

Facilities Management Solutions: Let’s Work Together

Prepare your workplace to quickly tackle regular tasks, such as cleaning and repairs. Fill in the form below, and one of our team will get in touch!

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