Tensaguide® Modular Barrier System


Incorporate the Tensaguide® Modular Barrier range for a long-term queue solution. Designed as a more permanent solution to standard retractable barriers, Tensaguide® beams and panels can be added directly onto your existing posts. Perfect for establishing a robust queue system for visitors.

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Features & Benefits

Robust Steel Beams

Customisable Panels

Clear Passenger Guidance

Enhanced Queue Management

Increased Brand Awareness

Modular Design

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Highlight Hazards with Safety Barriers and NightView™ Webbing

Safety barriers with reflective NightView™ webbing can help highlight potential hazards when visibility is low. As the sun sets, and darkness engulfs the workplace, you can find well-lit areas become transformed into potentially hazardous areas. These areas can quickly become problematic. The risk of injury to drivers, staff, and visitors increases drastically at night, or […]

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How Can Airport Technology Help Your Queues?

Airport technology could be the key to tackling the long queues in peak seasons. As the aviation industry prepares for 2023, the causes of the long airport queues seen last summer should be looked at. Across the world, airports and airlines struggled to handle the bounce-back in passenger numbers due to insufficient staff numbers. Unfortunately, […]

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