Scoring a profitable and enjoyable sporting experience with Tensator®

Today’s sports fans are looking for a VIP, no-missed-shots viewing experience from start to finish. Tensator’ s solutions help you get a hat trick on spectator expectations by ensuring faster waiting lines, traditional and digital signage that announces all the latest team updates and operations enhancement tools to streamline concession areas and improving sporting event safety. 

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Solutions to win over your crowds

If your venue has unique needs, Tensator® won’t throw in the towel. We’ll assess your space and discuss your concerns, then follow up with solutions to suit your environment. Our products can provide indoor and outdoor solutions for all parts of your space – from entrances, security screening and ticket lines to retail outlets, catering and on the pitch. We can protect your profits by creating efficient environments with ROI solutions and protect you fans with safe and durable products.

  • Increase revenue and margin
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Elevate the on-site fan experience
  • Prioritise sporting event safety
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What we have achieved for our sports clients

Reduce walkaways by up to 96%

Tensator’s queue management solutions will easily guide fans to and through your lines, simplifying their experience and reducing walkaways from line frustration.

Increase impulse sales by 400%

Any concessions or merchandise zone is an ideal spot to incorporate Tensator’s In-Queue Merchandising. It’ll capture attention and motivate impulse purchases from waiting fans, adding profit to your bottom line.

Reduce wait times by 30%

Never fumble on service times by incorporating Tensator’s Electronic Call Forward system. This solution helps easily pull customers into and through your queue, establishing faster moving lines and reducing overall service times.

Slam dunk signage

Whether it’s digital or traditional, Tensator’s sports event signage solutions help you easily share all the latest ‘at the game’ news, scores and team updates.

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Solutions to control your crowds

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We understand that not all businesses are the same, that’s why our solutions come with a range of fully customisable hardware and software options. These enhance your customers experience, as well as meet your business and brand objectives. Why not find out how we can help you?

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Don’t just take our word for it

Tensator® solutions are used across the world in many different environments and for a multitude of applications. Their strength, quality and versatility means their purpose can range from a queuing system, a crowd control aid, a signage solution or a safety barrier.

queue management

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