InQ® Totem Signage

Totem Signage Products

InQ Custom Metal Totem Signage

Eye-catching wayfinding signage. Suitable with existing barrier systems, customise the panels to suit your needs.

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InQ Fluted Totem

Tall and highly visible, integrate these customisable totems with your existing barriers for an effective wayfinding signage solution.

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InQ Mobile Totem

Robust and resilient, the wheels allow you to manoeuvre this totem to key locations in your business. Fully customisable.

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InQ Digital Totem

Combine media and signage in your queues. Incorporate with a Tensator Call-Forward System to maximise queue flow.

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Big Impact. Little Space.

Eye catching and highly visible, Totem Signage Products demand attention. Use to convey key information in a stylish and professional manner. Direct visitors, display company logos, and improve indoor navigation for your business.

Customise with your own artwork and showcase your brand. Evolve your queue space and make a lasting impact with indoor totem signage.

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Features & Benefits

Fully Customisable

Improve Queue Navigation

High-Quality Appearance

Communicate Important Messages

Improve Visitor Experience

Enhance Brand Awareness

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