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The Tensabarrier® Post Top Signage is a very popular add-on for its versatile usage. The signs can be easily swapped out so you can always display your latest message. Typical uses include wayfinding, informing safety measures or promotional messages.

This makes it the perfect messaging product for COVID-19. It allows you to swap out signage as and when rules and regulations change, to ensure that your messaging is always up to date with the latest guidelines.

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Features & Benefits

  • The Tensabarrier® post top sign holder features a steel frame with a removable clear acrylic pocket, and a hard wearing black plastic sign cone which holds the frame in place.
  • Your own signage can be easily inserted into the acrylic pocket as this slides out from the top of the steel frame.
  • Frame width is 11mm and is a complete frame covering the entire edge of the acrylic- ensuring your message stays protected.
  • Simply slot the sign cone on top of any Tensabarrier® to create an instant
    sign for your queue.
  • Can be easily inserted or removed from any queue layout without the use
    of tools.
  • Compatible with Tensabarrier® retractable barrier posts.

Product Specification

  • Steel frame available in a powder coated black finish, polished chrome or satin chrome.
  • Sign cone available in black only.
  • Sign insert available in clear acrylic only.
  • Portrait and Landscape orientations available- it is not possible to convert
    portrait sign holder into landscape sign holder.
  • A4 and A3 sizes available.
  • No tools required
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