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Maintain consistently safe work environments with Tensator®

As the creator of Tensabarrier® – today’s safest retractable queue barrier – Tensator® understands the importance of maintaining high safety standards. Tensator’s health and safety systems help users get ahead of changing regulations with solutions to reduce work days lost from injuries by preventing accidents before they have a chance to happen; clearly defining walkways and work zones and establish restricted access to dangerous zones, eliminating potential risks.

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Creating a safest solution for you

Tensator® understands all work environments are unique. Our process accommodates this by thoroughly analysing your environment, reviewing your concerns with you and then presenting solutions to suit. We can provide a variety of indoor and outdoor solutions which are durable and guarantee ROI.

  • Solutions ensure overall safer workspaces
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Support compliance with current safety regulations
  • Prevent accidents, reduce employee injury time off
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Avoid slips, trips and other on-site accidents by incorporating Tensator’s safety message solutions. You can easily indicate safe walking paths, workspaces and guide workers away from dangerous areas.


Today’s workforce is multicultural, therefore ensuring everyone’s needs is paramount. These can be met with Tensator’s on-site signage that caters to a variety of languages.


Restrict access to unsecure areas with Tensabarrier® posts or our other access solutions to ensure dangerous zones are not accidentally exposed to your workforce or site visitors.

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Protect your business with our health and safety systems

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Download our brochure with Health and Safety management solutions.


Case Study

Learn more about how Tensator worked with EDF to provide a solution to improve safety in their power plants.



Safety is paramount in all businesses and we can offer solutions that identify potential hazards before they cause harm, restrict access to dangerous areas and clearly define workplace policies. Complete the form below with your enquiry and one of our specialists will be in touch.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Tensator® solutions are used across the world in many different environments and for a multitude of applications. Their strength, quality and versatility means their purpose can range from a queuing system, a crowd control aid, a signage solution or a safety barrier.

How to use custom printed safety barriers and branded queue management systems

One of the questions we’re often asked about safety solutions and queue management products is “can we customise them?” The answer is yes, you can! Well-designed, high-quality equipment is worth the investment, but the right products can do more for you than you think. Customising the look of barriers or banners not only gives you […]

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How to avoid the most common workplace safety issues

In 2017, the cost of accidents at work in the UK was a hefty £5.2 billion. Compare that figure to the costs resulting from employee ill-health (£9.7 billion) and you can see the size of the problem. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) measures the impact these workplace accidents have on companies such as yours […]

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