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Whether it’s an outdoor job site, factory space or distribution facility, Tensator® understands it’s imperative to maintain construction site safety. Tensator’s safety solutions allow users to reduce work-related injuries and associated employee time off, adapt to short or long term job site needs, and comply with an ever-changing workforce and related regulations.


Safety first

Avoid employee work time lost from accidents with Tensabarrier® solutions that clearly restrict access to dangerous areas protecting staff and maintaining company policies.

Messaging built for all

Today’s workforce is multicultural, therefore ensuring everyone’s needs is paramount. These can be met with Tensator’s on-site signage that caters to a variety of languages.

Protect pedestrians

Eliminate injuries caused by encounters with heavy or dangerous machinery by adding Tensator Impact Protection barriers to surround unsafe zones and protect pedestrians from vehicles.

Construction Site Safety: Let’s Work Together

Do you have a project coming up, or are looking at ways to improve safety on your site? Fill in the form below to get in touch, and one of our team will get in touch!

Downloadable Resources

Case Study

Learn more about how Tensator worked with EDF to provide a solution to improve safety in their power plants.


health and safety systemsHealth & Safety Brochure

Download our brochure with Health and Safety specific solutions and products to help ensure construction site safety.


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