Tensator Vehicle Inspection Pit Barriers

Reduce Falls From Height With Inspection Pit Barriers

Improve the visual safety in depots using Tensator® workplace safety barriers. Approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the range of inspection pit barriers will ensure you comply with working at height regulations. Ideal for the transport sector, where vehicle inspection pits are common.

Highlight open pits. Reduce falls from height. Protect staff and visitors from injury.

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Why Use Tensator® Inspection Pit Barriers?

Reduce Falls From Height

Clear Open Pit Warnings

High-Quality Construction

Comply with Working at Height Regulations

Long-Term, Cost-Effective Investments


Adaptable Retractable Barrier Technology

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Tensabarrier® 3.65m Pit Protection Post

Tensabarrier Inspection Pit Barrier Post

HSE Approved: 955mm high.

High Visibility: Coloured yellow to highlight unsafe areas.

Clear Messaging: Print safety wording onto webbing.

Robust: Manufactured from high quality steel.

Powder Coating: Durable & resistant to wear.

Versatile: Multiple base types available to suit site requirements.

Magnetic Base

Removable Socket Base

Surface Fixed Base

Tensabarrier® Wall Units

Yellow and Black Tensabarrier Wall Unit with yellow and black chevron webbing

Low Footprint: Mount to secure surfaces to remove obstructions.

Robust: Hard-wearing casing protects the internal components and ensures long-term usage.

Durable: Internal steel frame provides added strength.

Safe: Braking technology slows webbing retraction upon release.

Versatile: Multiple mounting options and tape ends available to meet requirements.


Standard Mount

Warehouse Racking Mount

Clamp Mount

Magnetic Mount

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Case Studies

Acton Depot Case Study

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Stagecoach Case Study

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