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Banco Africano de investimentos – queue management system and corporate TV


Created on 14 November 1996, the BAI is a dynamic Bank that utilizes the most modern technologies to improve efficiencies and to create a personalized market approach, working to become indispensable business partner. Engaged in the service attentive to the needs of the private sector and offering innovative solutions to support SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) while essential reference be among the largest business groups in the country.

A strong team with dedicated and trained professionals ensures the presence in the domestic and international markets.

With one hundred and three Service Branches in Angola and five Business Centers, seven stations, and eighty-eight branches.

Internationally, the Bank is present in Portugal with the BAI Europe, in Cape Verde with BAI Cape Verde, in South Africa with a representative office and business partnerships that ensure BAI S. Tomé and Principe and Brazil.

In 2010, maintained its leading position in the Angolan banking market with a market share of 20% in total deposits and credits, thus closing the year 2011 with net assets of $ 11,887 million (an increase of about 42% over to 2010) and a net profit of 212 million USD.

The success of the business model implemented by the BAI, the growth in its key financial indicators and its internationalization strategy paid, awarded the organization the Best Bank in Angola in 2008 and 2009.


BAI – African Investment Bank challenged Newvision to present a different solution of the urban centres to rural areas, since the needs are different and the actual hardware of the ticket dispensers had to be different.


Self service kiosksNewvision, A Tensator Group Company, analyzed the needs of BAI and suggested the installation of GENOA dispensers in urban centres due to the large size of the branches. For rural areas the KIO was the chosen kiosk due to its ability to be multiservice.

This provides the bank with opportunities to develop customer interactivity in the future, providing the ability to complete payment of services and customer ID when entering the agency.

The whole system is connected to one main server installed at the Headquarters of the BAI in Luanda, allowing the entire system to be managed from a single location having a full view and data from all branches.

In this particular case it is necessary to have a distributed architecture because of the constant power failures in Angola.


Dispersed banking queue management technology has been installed 90 BAI agencies, throughout the Angolan territory with an average of five counters per branch.

Each branch has a GENOA ticket dispenser customised with logos and corporate colours.

The customer call is made through 32”screens with Inline TV and broadcast of multimedia content.


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