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Buying cheap queue barriers always seems like a good idea at the time. After all, it’s just a queuing barrier, why would you want to spend any more money than you have to? Well… The snags you hit after you buy cheap queue barriers lead to you losing money, rather than saving it. In this […]

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retractable barrier system

How to successfully implement a retractable barrier system

You know effective queue management is one of your business’ fundamentals. Successfully implementing a retractable barrier system can improve safety, ease your customers’ ‘queue anxiety, speed up throughput and get your cash registers ringing. But what is the best way to attack this strategy? Here at Tensator, our expertise goes further than manufacturing world-class queue […]

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Queuing 60’s Style – How Lawrence Metal Posts Helped to Control Crowds During 1964 World’s Fair

This year marks 140 years of the Lawrence® brand so we’re looking back to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, where the Lawrence® post and rope truly made its mark, helping one of the largest World’s Fairs in history to manage crowds effectively! CONCERNS FOR CROWD CONTROL AT THE 1964 WORLD’S FAIR World’s Fair […]

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tourist attraction crowd control

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Effectively Reopen Your Tourist Attraction

So, you’re planning the re-opening of your tourist attractions to hundreds and thousands of visitors. But are you taking all of these steps to make sure you’re not only COVID safe but that you stay efficient? Queue-flow management Wayfinding and clear signage COVID-19 safety measures Staying in-brand Find out more about creating a COVID safe […]

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Theme Park Queue Management – Preparing Tourist Attractions For Re-opening After Lockdown

As far as Covid-19 is concerned, there’s no such thing as ‘short-term measures’ for your business anymore. Many tourist attractions, like theme parks, famous landmarks and exhibits need to prepare for reopening in the spring season when national lockdown restrictions ease. And this preparation needs to accommodate a longer-term view. Restrictions on the way your […]

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lawrence metal

Tensator celebrates 140th Anniversary of Lawrence® Brand

Lawrence® is well known for its range of elegant post and velvet rope stanchions, that are renowned for their quality, reliability, and style. Originally created in a metalworking shop in Manhattan, the stylish and distinctive products have been guiding people through waiting spaces since 1881 – proving elegance is still essential to today’s reception environments.  Each post model is crafted to provide attractive & versatile […]

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benefits of queue management system

5 benefits of queue management systems

Having good queue management procedures in place can make a real difference to any customer-facing environment. COVID-19 has really highlighted the need for effective queue management. As well as making sure your customers are safe and remain socially distanced where necessary there are other benefits of queue management systems; such as keeping customers organised, then […]

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covid safety solututions


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with your customers’ confidence. A PWC UK survey conducted in November 2020 showed that consumer confidence had fallen to -10 on their index – a huge fall of 13 points, compared to December 2019’s +3 index score. In this post, we’re going to run through 7 top COVID-19 queue solutions/social distancing […]

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outdoor queuing

5 Top Tips To Effectively Manage Outdoor Queuing

How can you effectively manage outdoor queuing, in all conditions? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor queuing has become more of a regular occurrence than ever, but that’s not to say shoppers didn’t do it before and won’t be doing it after.  During busy retail periods such as Christmas and January sales, thousands of people descend […]

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customer flow management

7 ways to improve customer flow management

Customer flow management is the practice of effectively overseeing the movement of people around a store, library, hospital, airport or any other customer-facing environment. No matter the industry, in a lot of instances, it’s how queues are dealt with that becomes the issue, rather than the fact we have to queue at all. COVID-19 safety […]

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safer travel pledge

How To Deliver On Your Safer Travel Pledge To Rail Customers

The rail industry’s Safer Travel Pledge guidelines were introduced in July 2020 when the government started easing lockdown restrictions – and with Lockdown 2.0 restrictions soon to be lifted, the scrutiny that the rail industry is under will only increase. With the stakes for customer safety higher than they’ve been since World War II, there’s […]

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Could queue management make your airport more efficient?

In June 2019, the government announced £1 million in funding for the FASS programme to test and trial new prototype airport security measures. The aim is to increase screening effectiveness but also to lead to “shorter queues and faster, more efficient screening”. The funding sends a message that speed and efficiency, and effective queue management […]

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queue barriers

How to use custom printed safety barriers and branded queue management systems

One of the questions we’re often asked about safety solutions and queue management products is “can we customise them?” The answer is yes, you can! Well-designed, high-quality equipment is worth the investment, but the right products can do more for you than you think. Customising the look of barriers or banners not only gives you […]

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3 Ways That Wayfinding Signage Benefits the Customer Experience

For many customers, a lack of clear signage can make for a frustrating customer experience – leading to lost purchases and harmful reviews. How can you help customers find their way around whilst improving safety and efficiency? Whether you’re in the transport, events, or leisure and tourism sector, providing an organised layout with wayfinding signage […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Protect Profits this Black Friday With Retractable Belt Barrier Solutions

5 Surprising Ways to Protect Profits this Black Friday

The ‘Black Friday’ sales period is almost upon us, with TV advertising, internet browser pop-ups, and reviews to tell us which products are worth waiting for. Although largely thought of as an online phenomenon, 2016 figures from the US show that 101.7 million people braved the crowds to shop in physical retail stores over the […]

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How to increase throughput in your train station with wayfinding solutions

The challenges of the railway industry are many and various. From managing costs and improving efficiency to protecting passengers on a daily basis, train station managers have a lot on their plates! If you’re investigating wayfinding solutions for the transport sector, here’s a guide to some of the products that could ease your woes. They’re […]

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How to manage passenger numbers more efficiently in your train station

In the last year, passenger rail journeys in the UK reached 1.759 billion. The government’s Office of Rail and Road reports that this is a ‘record high’. With numbers like these, how can you manage passengers to make your station safer, more efficient, and ready to cope with demand? The rise in rail usage looks […]

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avoid common workplace safety issues

How to avoid the most common workplace safety issues

In 2017, the cost of accidents at work in the UK was a hefty £5.2 billion. Compare that figure to the costs resulting from employee ill-health (£9.7 billion) and you can see the size of the problem. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) measures the impact these workplace accidents have on companies such as yours […]

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How to safely manage queues at summer sporting events

Summertime is always packed with things to look forward to, including a bumper crop of sporting highlights. These events are often hugely popular, with numbers that make queue management and crowd control a big element of their success. In Britain, the 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix had the highest attendance of the international, 21-race season: […]

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