Declare Your Independence from Long Lines

Declaration of independence and american flag

Declaration of independence and american flagWhether your customers are frantically shopping for their  4th of July BBQ, trying to get out of the store with their red, white and blue t-shirt, or waiting to see the fireworks – chances are they are waiting on a line. It’s also likely that they are getting frustrated and some are leaving your event or store. In fact, according to The Huffington Post, the majority will leave after 10 minutes – some will leave after five minutes. While some venue management and retailers have made advancements in helping alleviate their queue management problems — there are many more that are struggling with this age old issue.

Every year people get hurt or upset because of the way lines are being handled, especially in the summer months when there are crowds of people out and about.  At some events, fast passes have helped alleviate some stresses with people being able to reserve a time for activities, but these higher paid options are not available to everyone – meaning there is still a need for a solid queue management strategy.

Venue management and retailers can implement better and more liberating customer experiences with:

Better guidance systems – signage and overall communications between staff and customers.  If a customer doesn’t know where to find things or who to turn to, anxiety is created and anxiety makes waiting feel longer. With interactive, highly visible and audible digital signage and even traditional signage this can be alleviated so customers have a better overall experience.  Ensuring your staff is well informed and incented to be helpful goes a long way in creating the right atmosphere that ensures the customer they are your first priority.

Virtual queuing solutions – so customers receive virtual tickets to their mobile phones that allow them to know when their item or service is ready for pickup.  Having the ability to foresee people flow and resource accordingly ensures maximum efficiency both on the side of your staff and your customers creating a seamless experience.

Call forward systems – that include a single line queuing system that calls customers forward to multiple registers.  Single line queuing is scientifically proven to improve queue flow by 25% – a significant figure in terms of reducing service times and walkaways while increasing your employee and location productivity.

Clearly delineated lines – using Tensabarriers  to ensure that queuing is fair, defined and efficient.  Having delineated lines alleviates wrong queue frustration and as customers are serviced in order, they can relax knowing they will be served equitably.

If you want to declare your independence from having your customers suffer on long lines – make an appointment with our queue management specialists and see how much faster we can make your lines move.  It truly is liberating!


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