Ensuring a Safe Working Environment: Come Meet the Tensator Safety Specialists at the 2016 Grainger Show

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Whether you are a manufacturing operation, healthcare facility, education campus or hospitality venue — this year’s Grainger Show being held February 8-11 at the Orlando Convention Center covers all the bases for helping make sure operations are running smoothly and safely.  This year’s invitation only event is expected to draw over 17,000 attendees ready to learn about the latest solutions and trends for meeting their safety challenges including specific concerns that Tensator Group addresses including crowd control and queue management.

As the inventor of the world leading  Tensabarrier retractable queue barrier, the safest barrier on the market, Tensator understands the importance of a safe working environment.  Did you know that almost a quarter of all fatal accidents at work are caused by slips, trips and falls, with many incidents being entirely avoidable had simple, cost effective prevention technology been correctly installed?

Tensabarriers offer a proactive and  affordable way to:

  • Clearly define routes
  • Restrict access to dangerous areas
  • Identify potential hazards before they cause harm, helping avoid costly accidents

Tensator Queue Management and Safety Specialists will be on hand at the 2016 Grainger Show —  ready  to share our expertise on how to increase safety at your facility.  We’ll be showcasing our full range of  Tensabarrier  solutions along with our exciting, and vivid portable signage solutions that deliver maximum high impact visibility as well as branding.  In addition to our queue management and signage offerings, we’ll be showing off innovative products —like our In-Queue Merchandising solutions that make waiting in line interesting, fun and engaging as well as profitable – while helping reduce queue frustration.

You can arrange to meet one on one with our Queue Management and Safety Specialists by contacting us directly or stop by Tensator Booth 2033 to learn how you can increase the efficiency, speed, and safety of your client’s wait time — while maximizing profit and your ability to engage with them.

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