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How much are walk-aways costing your business?

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How much are walk-aways costing your business?

In a recent survey carried out by Tensator 97% of people admitted to walking away from a queue. Did you know that we can deliver a 96% reduction in walk-aways?

We have a tool on our website which, with 3 easy pieces of information, can calculate in seconds the ROI your business could experience.

Tensator have helped numerous customers increase their revenues!

4 benefits of queue management systems

Having good queue management procedures in place can make a real difference to any customer-facing environment. There are obvious benefits of queue management systems; such as keeping queues organised, then other secondary benefits such as improving customer loyalty. Read on to find out about 4 key perks of putting customer waiting line management systems in […]

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The importance of queuing systems

In a customer-facing environment, effective queue management procedures are crucial. The importance of queuing systems is two-fold. From an operational perspective, poor queuing systems can lead to a drop in productivity from staff as they spend time trying to organise the queue. From a monetary perspective, if customers decide to leave the queue, or are […]

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