Introducing the TensaKit™

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At Tensator we have developed a cost-effective display and signage range for use in a variety of commercial environments. The easy-to-install TensaKit™ range is a stylish cable and display product that can be configured to suit every business need, and requires no specialist tools or training.

Whether you want to promote products and services, highlight special offers or clearly present communication and safety instructions, we have a solution to meet your needs! All cable kits are supplied with four metres of cable that can easily be cut to meet specific height and width requirements. Alternatively, free-standing or floor-to-ceiling suspension can be used if space is limited – the added bonus of these is that both sides can be utilised for display purposes.

There are many different information posts, direct fixed panels and cable kit options available, but each TensaKit™ includes the same frameless, lightweight acrylic panels, which are easily fixed with the discreet adjustable clamps supplied.

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