Madison Square Garden: Dual Line Tensabarriers Provide Trusted, Safe Customer Guidance to Thousands

Named “Coolest Arena” in the United States by Rolling Stone and “Venue of the Decade” by Billboard, Madison Square Garden is the home of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and New York Liberty and has served as the backdrop for the biggest names and events in entertainment history.

Recently Madison Square Garden celebrated one of the most important moments in its acclaimed history with the completion of its three-year, top-to-bottom Transformation, which significantly enhances the experience of everyone who walks through the Garden’s doors.

The patented Tensabarrier, one of the safest barriers on the market is also one of the easiest to set up. Combined with the Rollabarrier base, which (cue the fanfare!) is also patented – enables up to five Tensabarriers to be stacked and moved at once, saving time and people’s backs!  The Tensabarriers are nested together when not in use, which saves up to 50% of storage space.Also “cool” is how Tensator’s patented Dual Line Tensabarrier is bringing safety and trusted dependability to customer guidance for thousands at world famous Madison Square Garden. The second, lower retractable belt provides maximum control, limiting the potential for customers to ‘duck’ under the belt. The lower belt also helps ensure Path of Travel Accessibility requirements are American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, enabling visually impaired people to “see” it with a cane and assist guide dogs.

It is easy to see why the “Coolest Arena” selected Tensator’s Tensabarriers for its customer guidance system.

Ask your Tensator customer journey expert about how our queue management solutions can help you minimize customer waiting times, boost satisfaction levels and increase operational efficiency.


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