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New technology gives Clarins a scent of the future

Clarins Virtual Goddess developed by Tensator

MILTON KEYNES, UK, 14 April 2014 – Tensator, the world leader in customer journey solutions, has created a shimmering centrepiece for French luxury fragrance brand Thierry Mugler – part of the Clarins Fragrance Group, with the world’s first full-height Tensator Virtual Assistant.

Promoting the launch of Thierry Mugler’s ‘Alien Extraordinaire’ perfume in three flagship stores, the Tensator Virtual Assistant is a next-generation digital signage solution that creates the illusion of a real person.

Standing in pride of place amongst concession stores in House of Fraser, in Manchester, Selfridges Trafford Centre and the Metro Centre in Newcastle, the character was created especially for Clarins Fragrance Group.

It is the first full-height projection example of the technology and creates a spectacular display for shoppers, with a unique ‘wow factor’.

The goddess-like character attracts intrigued shoppers, with her shimmering dress and glowing outline, to create a mesmerising image that represents how the Alien fragrance can make customers feel. Powerful, luminescent and sparkling. She functions as a store-based representation of the imagery used in the brand’s commercials for the perfume.

Clarins Fragrance Group contacted Tensator after seeing the impact that other Tensator Virtual Assistants had created in a variety of different sectors – from transport hubs to retail activations.

The fragrance giant had a clear vision and invited Tensator to consult them on the possibilities.

“It was a big technological challenge – most people in our sector may not have previously thought it possible,” explains Ajay Joshi, Tensator’s head of media and technology.

“Creating a seamless projected stature, 6ft high with arms outstretched, was very tricky. We had to work quickly and efficiently to overcome the physical constraints and to explore the various technical solutions available to best fit the requirements.”

“After all our hard work, I am very pleased with the result. The virtual goddess has an amazing presence and aligns to the vision we all shared when we started the journey.”

“It was great to achieve our own ‘virtual goddess’ for the Alien Eau Extraordinaire fragrance launch. It is vital for our brand for us to be creative innovators and, as this was the first time a head-to-toe projection has been executed in retail design, I’m proud of the result we achieved.” commented Vicky Barrett, Design and Merchandising Manager at Clarins Fragrance Group.

The units have been creating significant in-store interest in the fragrance, with shoppers keen to learn more from staff about the Alien perfume.

It is expected that they will tour Thierry Mugler flagship locations.

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