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GlobalShop 2014: Tensator Launches Revenue Generating ImpulseQ Merchandising System

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Digital Print Stretch Fabric Display Creates Instant Ambiance, Provides Guidance and Promotional Branding

GlobalShop 2014–LAS VEGAS, NV – March 18, 2014 Tensator (Booth #1107), the world’s leading queue management and customer journey specialist, today announced its ImpulseQ Merchandising System, a fully customizable, modular system that provides retailers with a variety of product showcase options for unlimited merchandising potential. The Company will be showcasing its newest selection of revenue generating retail customer journey solutions at GlobalShop, the world’s largest annual trade show and conference dedicated to store design, visual merchandising, and shopper marketing being held March 18-20 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.

With no tools required for assembly and lightweight panel construction for easy maneuvering, ImpulseQ offers retailers with highly flexible configurations that increase impulse purchases and margins and maximizes revenue potential per square foot. Integrated with Tensator’s attention-grabbing Digital Print Stretch Fabric Display, ImpulseQ panels create instant ambiance, guidance and promotional branding that allow retailers to highlight seasonal and promotional offerings quickly, easily, and affordably.

“We designed and developed the Tensator ImpulseQ to enhance the retailer’s front end by coupling high visual design and robust merchandising options with modular flexibility proven to increase average transaction value,” said Bill Vetter, SVP and General Manager, Tensator, Inc. “We are excited to share our latest revenue generating advancements with GlobalShop attendees and encourage them to engage us in conversations as to how we can significantly impact their bottom line.”

Tensator will also be showcasing the following solutions at GlobalShop:

  • Tensator Virtual Assistant – The ultimate offering in next-generation digital signage. Tensator will be demoing its Virtual Assistant TriPanel offering and the industry’s smallest footprint Virtual Assistant Ultra model – both with push button interactivity. The Tensator Virtual Assistant uses cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person, to deliver multi-lingual communications, FAQs, help and advice, specialist, directional and informative messaging as well as promotional branding. Tensator’s Virtual Assistants are unparalleled in their ability to capture and hold customer attention.
  • SLQ 3000 Electronic Call Forward with Dynamic PDUs (Positional Display Units) – Tensator’s queue management call forward technology platform incorporates digital media, manages a database of reporting information as well as advertising media. Sleek, dynamic, flashing PDUs provide way-finding information to cashiers or service points indicating where the next available service position is located – immediately speeding up the queuing process and adding sophistication and a service orientation to the entire checkout process.
  • Inline Greeter – A mobile, personalized virtual queue management greeter application for tablets including the iPad, enables retail sales staff to immediately and proactively engage with customers from the minute they enter the store. Tensator’s In-Line Greeter delivers a high-tech offering that allows retailers to capitalize on customer preferences, eliminate waiting in lines and transform customer visits into personalized experiences.

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