Highlight important messaging on fully customisable signage

Add the InQ-Totem® to your existing Tensabarrier® queue system to improve customer wayfinding easily. Highly visible and fully customisable, this signage solution is perfect for easy queue management and providing important information which will improve their journey.

Versatile and adaptable, use the InQ-Totem® in a variety of environments. From directing passengers in airports, to highlighting health and safety messaging before customers enter the space.

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  • The InQ-Totem® is a configurable signage solution, developed as a seamless
    addition to the queue environment.
  • Available in two standard sizes, but can be fully customised depending on your application
  • The totem features a strong yet lightweight aluminium structure which is secured to the floor via a floor plate and bolt fixings.
  • The aluminium composite panels are customisable, allowing for information or branding to be printed directly onto each panel.
  • At the bottom of each totem, a brushed stainless steel effect kick panel provides protection to the base.
  • A built-in webbing cassette and receiver clip allows the Totems to be connected to your Tensabarrier® queue system.
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Standard Product Specification

The InQ-Totem® is available in tall or short options.

The standard tall totem is available in 2.2 meters height by 0.4 meters wide, including 2 header panels, 4 body panels and 2 kick panels.

The standard short totem is available in 1-meter height by 0.4 meters wide, including 2 body panels and 2 kick panels.

Click on the red circles on the image below to show each standard specification on the product.


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Customisable Options

The InQ-Totem® can be highly customised to suit your application and branding. They offer multi-purpose signage that can be used in many different ways.

To find out more about each customisable option, click on the red circles on the image below.


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