Social Distancing Webbing

Enforce social distancing by communicating the latest Government guidelines

Tensator custom social distancing webbing can help to improve your communication with your customers. It allows you to display the latest Government messaging in a sleek and professional way.

As well as being available to all new Tensabarrier® retractable barrier orders, the webbing cassette can also be quickly and easily changed out of any existing barrier with a few simple instructions.

*The examples shown on this page are for UK Government guidelines, however, the webbing can be customised in any way to suit your countries government messaging.

hands face space poster
queue management

Can be added to any Tensabarrier® retractable product 

covid queue barrier

Tensabarrier® Advance Post

Ideal for organising queues and putting into practise good social distancing in all customer-facing environments. Position posts 2 meters apart as an indication to customers on how far apart they should be standing from the person in front of them.
coronavirus queuing

Replacement Webbing Cassettes

If you already have a Tensabarrier® retractable post then you can change out your existing webbing with either a 2.3m or 3.65m replacement webbing cassette. Cassettes are simple to swap out and we can provide instructions if required.
hands face space

Tensabarrier® Wall Units

Quickly and efficiently cordon off out of service areas to the public. Ideal for clearly defining routes and restricting access to areas that you want to cordon off and can fix to most surfaces either semi-permanently or permanently.
customer flow management


social distancing
retractable barrier webbing


Available in 2.3m or 3.65m webbing lengths.

social distancing webbing


Provided as standard with our anti-tamper tape end but can be provided with any of our tape-end options.

custom webbing barrier


Webbing design can be customised if required.

social distancing barrier


All cassettes come as standard with our four-point anti-tamper webbing connectivity. This allows you to connect other Tensabarrier® products to the receiver splines on the cassette head.

Request more information

If you’d like to find out more about how the social distancing webbing could work with your Tensabarrier®, or if you’d like to request a quote for this Government compliant webbing, please fill out the form below.

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