Signage and Wayfinding Solutions – A Queuevolution

Signage and Wayfinding Solutions – A Queuevolution

Promotional and wayfinding signage is essential to any business. From stadium signage designed to improve visitor wayfinding, to totem signage which can highlight information at the beginning, middle, and end of queues. By utilising wayfinding and business signage, you can display clear messages to pedestrians to speed up visitor flow.

By using a wayfinding design with a combination of imagery and short text, you can quickly educate and inform visitors of their new surroundings. Soulful Creative advises there are 4 types of wayfinding signs:

    • Informational
    • Directional
    • Identification
    • Regulation

By identifying which type is needed in your location, you can quickly install methods for customer guidance. When preparing your signage design for your workplace or venue, make sure visitors won’t need to ask “what does this signage mean?”

It needs to be clear and concise. A great signage solution will minimise the number of queries asked to your staff, freeing them up to handle more complicated questions and speed up your queues.

Tensator® Products

Many Tensator® signage solutions can be adapted to suit your needs. This allows you to design and incorporate customised signs to blend into your location’s branding. Clear custom signs combined with a reliable queue system will help customers find their way easily while they steer clear from confusion.

At Tensator®, we are experts in queue management systems and solutions. With a wide array of products and our collaborative approach, we can take your existing queues and evolve them to be more efficient. Whether you need printed signage to highlight a promotion, or another type of signage to guide customers, our bespoke solutions can maximise the potential of your queue.

Tensamedia® Solutions

Are you making the most of your queue? Are you properly promoting short-term offers? Are you giving your business the best chance to snap up last-minute impulse sales?

Tensator® have developed products to help: environmentally friendly signage solutions.

The Tensamedia® Eco Mediablade Sign was developed as part of Tensator’s drive to develop more environmentally friendly products. Plastic-free and fully recyclable, the custom made signs are made from 100% recycled cardboard. The customisable signs are also sourced from FSC® certified sources. This means they are manufactured sustainably to help businesses maintain their environmental commitments. When you are ready for new signage, you can recycle the old signs through standard kerbside cardboard collection. No need to take them to cardboard recycling centres – you can just include them in your standard cardboard waste recycling. Ideal for any company who needs to regularly update their queue advertising and promotional activity.

For a quick promotional highlight, you can print the Eco Mediablade signs as single-sided. However, for maximum impact, choose double-sided printing. This will allow you to show the messaging to customers as they both enter and exit the queue. These personalised indoor signs are completely customisable, which allows you to add your own bespoke designs. This is perfect when your marketing teams are planning for promotions later in the year or for upcoming projects. If you have a design team in house, you can even use your own existing artwork for a quick turnaround. Fear not if you don’t, as our own internal design team can provide custom graphics designed to your brief.

The Tensamedia® Promotional Webbing Sleeve is another environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for promotions or brand messaging. Designed for short-term use, this eco-friendly paper sleeve can be easily recycled after use. When ready, simply place the sleeve over the top of your Tensator® retractable barrier webbing and secure using the single adhesive strip. Depending on your queue layout you can use different sleeves to allow for different promotions and messaging. This eco friendly signage solution will save your staff time and effort during set up as well as money, as they won’t need to change the entire webbing cartridge to highlight promotional messaging.

Tensamedia® Promotional Webbing Sleeve


Wrap. Seal. Promote.

Sign Holders

Good signage will free up your staff to assist customers and visitors with more detailed queries. Products like our Post Top Signage holders are easily incorporated into your queues and are perfect for showing guidance, information, or even advertisements. Used as an indoor signage solution, you can add the sign holder to existing Tensabarrier® posts with ease. They are designed to slide onto the top of the posts quickly and without any tools, allowing you to enhance your queue in moments.

Display signs like our Tensabarrier® Telescopic Post allow you to raise your signage above eye-level to portray clearer messaging to larger crowds. Adjust these indoor signs to suit your application, as the universal heavyweight base ensures added stability. This means your post will remain secure while wheeled objects such as wheelchairs or buggies can roll over the base without issue. An effective sign display, the lower section of the post features a set of four receiver splines which allows webbing to connect from your other, existing Tensabarrier® posts.

InQ-Totem® & Retrofit InQ-Totem®

Highlight important messaging with wayfinding totems. These custom metal signs are fully adaptable and are developed for seamless integration with your existing queue systems. As a result, this custom signage solution improves visitor wayfinding in crowded spaces. This is because these large bespoke signage products are designed to make messaging even more visible for pedestrians.

  • The InQ-Totem® is a resilient and lightweight bespoke sign Available in 2 different sizes, choose the right option to suit your business needs. Featuring a strong aluminium structure, this metal signage product can be secured to the floor using a floor plate and bolt fixings for added stability. Each of the aluminium composite panels are fully customisable, so you can print important information or any branding designs directly onto each panel. For added protection, the bottom of each totem boasts a brushed stainless steel effect kick panel. Ideal for providing a degree of protection to the base.
  • The Retrofit InQ-Totem® was designed working with British Airways, as can be seen in our case study. This eye-catching and lightweight signage solution is secured directly onto existing Tensabarrier® posts found at key points throughout the passenger journey. Currently being used as airport signage, they are designed to be easily assembled or disassembled by local, on-site teams. As a result, this modern wayfinding totem will help pedestrians quickly navigate through a location. For example, when used as airport wayfinding, they can be used to help passengers navigate the boarding process at departure gates.

    Large InQ-Totem designed for British Airways


EasyJet InQ-Portal set up in Luton Airport

Take your queues to the next level using the Tensator® InQ-Portal®. A large wayfinding and signage solution, the enables you to add overhead signage at the start, middle, and end of your queue. Created to organise large queuing spaces, the portal provides highly visible information to allow the public to easily find the front of the correct queue.

Like its smaller counterpart, the InQ-Totem®, this aluminium signage solution is also fully customisable:

  • Information and branding can be printed directly onto each panel.
  • Secured to the floor via floor plates with bolt fixings.
  • Creates a defined entrance to your Tensabarrier® queue system.

Designed for indoor use, the InQ-Portal® can be used to provide advice to passengers and visitors to maximise your queue’s efficiency. For example, in an airport you can use customised designs and graphics to advise passengers to prepare their passports while they wait, or to ensure they know the queue is for first class passengers only. Depending on your location, they can be the perfect solution for managing large, crowded spaces.

Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions such as our Digital Totems are stylish additions to our eQ™ Single Line Queue call forward systems. The totem can be placed at the head of your line to aid with queue management. Featuring a digital screen, the customers are quickly advised which service position is available and that it’s time to advance. Clear and highly visible, during busy times like peak periods in retail, it means staff won’t need to wave or shout across busy stores to catch the attention of the next customer.  A different type of indoor digital signage, it is used less for digital wayfinding, but instead more for evolving queues for maximum efficiency.

However, it can go further than this.

You can add vinyl graphics to the front of the totem. This means you can use brand designs to maximise awareness, or use this space for advertising opportunities. Also, the 19 inch high-definition LCD screen can play media between calling waiting customers forward. So you can use these as indoor digital signage displays to highlight any special offers or to ensure important information is relayed to customers prior to be called forward.

Particularly useful as retail digital signage solutions, the screen is designed to sit at customer eye level. As customers won’t need to adjust or strain to see what is on the screen, the media on the screen becomes more effective. Whether your eQ™ call forward system is manual, automatic, or a self-checkout format, this instore digital signage option increases staff efficiency and helps maintain a positive customer experience.


Innovative and engaging, InQ-TV® allows you to add media to your queues. Turn waiting times into an opportunity to inform, direct, educate, and engage visitors. Using these digital display signs, you can play targeted messages and promotions to an already captive audience waiting to be served. Complete with stereo speakers and an ultra-wide, high-definition display, the screens will play media at an exceptional quality. Plus, you can change the media as frequently as required, which means you can adapt your messaging to show off your newest promotions and offers.

These digital sign displays can also be used for creating additional revenue streams as you use the space for third party advertising when needed. A loop of pictures and videos make the screens enticing advertising spaces for yourself or for third parties. Showcase new products to potential customers, or increase brand awareness through constant messaging and graphics. The InQ-TV® screens from Tensator® are designed to be permanent additions to your queue and can consistently boost impulse sales.

This makes them ideal for snapping up last-minute purchases and maximising the efficiency of your queue.

Custom Printed Webbing

Make your spaces more appealing by custom printing the webbing used with your retractable barriers. Functionally, printed webbing is exactly the same as standard webbing. When printing branded graphics, artwork, and messaging onto your webbing directly, you essentially customise your products to create an inviting location. It is an easy way to raise brand awareness, sponsor partnerships, or important messages such as safety information. Plus, your barriers will fit in seamlessly when deployed on your premises.

An ideal long-term solution, Tensator® webbing is made from 0.8mm military grade fabric, making them significantly thicker than other retractable stanchions. Already available in a variety of colours and standard graphics, a bespoke design on webbing is a simple way to effectively evolve your queue. A long-term solution which highlights brand messages, printed Tensabarrier® webbing becomes a permanent fixture on your location.

Bespoke printed webbing for Legoland

Virtual Assistant

Maximise customer engagement with the Tensator® Virtual Assistant. Pushing the boundaries of wayfinding solutions, and providing another answer to the question: what is digital signage? An innovative way to bring together your entire marketing campaign at the point of sale. This wayfinding technology is suitable for multiple sectors and applications.

Use as shop signage to tell a story about your products. Or use them as an airport wayfinding solution which guarantees a consistent message. For example, Boston Logan Airport faced the challenge of informing around 6000 passengers of security procedures consistently in both Spanish and English. All day, every day. You can read our case study to find out more:

Why use the Virtual Assistant?

  • 10x more effective at influencing behavioural change due to its unique and engaging nature.
  • Increase sales values by up to 75% as it consistently delivers clear customer messaging.
  • 50% increase in dwell times as the proximity sensors allows for a seemingly personalised communication to customers.
  • Improve staff efficiency as the Tensator® Virtual Assistant never takes a break.

Use the Tensator® Virtual Assistant to make information interesting while bringing the wow factor to your location.

virtual assistant


Signage solutions can be found everywhere across sectors across the globe. From safety signage which warns pedestrians safe from high-risk areas, to promotional messaging displayed clearly while customers queue: signage and wayfinding is essential for an effective business.

Earlier, we pointed out the four types of wayfinding signs:

  • Informational
  • Directional
  • Identification
  • Regulation

Each of these four choices include one crucial element.


Business signs and wayfinding solutions should educate your visitors. Whether you have a new product to advertise, or you need to advise crowds where to go in large locations, an effective signage and wayfinding system will help. Clear, consistent communication in your venue will ensure a positive experience for pedestrians. Plus, you can make sure any special offers or promotions are advertised, which will turn your queues into revenue generators.

Evolving your queue and your location with a selection of signage solutions is easy with Tensator®. We are pioneers in queue management systems, being the original inventors of the world-leading Tensabarrier®. We have defined and refined our product systems.

Get in touch today, and join the Queuevolution!

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