Highlight Hazards with Safety Barriers and NightView™ Webbing

Safety barriers with reflective NightView™ webbing can help highlight potential hazards when visibility is low. As the sun sets, and darkness engulfs the workplace, you can find well-lit areas become transformed into potentially hazardous areas. These areas can quickly become problematic. The risk of injury to drivers, staff, and visitors increases drastically at night, or when there are adverse weather conditions. Tensator® safety barriers, when combined with NightView™ Reflective Barrier Webbing, can help improve the visibility in these potentially dangerous areas.

What is NightView™ Webbing?

NightView™ webbing is the world’s first interwoven reflective webbing. Durable and versatile, you can use this webbing in a variety of applications alongside Tensabarrier® health and safety barriers. For example:

  • Construction sites
  • Sporting events
  • Car parks
  • Airports
  • Indoor & outdoor workplaces
NightView Webbing with the Airport Passenger Guidance System restricting passenger access onto unauthorised areas on an airport apron.

NightView Webbing with the Airport Passenger Guidance System

Woven into the high-quality Tensator® webbing is two strips of highly visible reflective material. This enhances the Tensabarrier® webbing without compromising the quality.

The webbing works by reflecting light back to the source. For example, reflective materials are commonplace on roads to help prevent traffic collisions. Once installed the NightView™ webbing in the safety will shine light from a vehicle’s headlights back to the driver. This helps highlight the hazard, which will ideally prompt them to take more care around the area. The reflective qualities of the NightView™ webbing makes it effective for boosting visual safety in low visibility areas.

Add NightView™ webbing to any Tensabarrier® safety barrier, including wall units, posts, and other retractable barrier products. This is especially useful if you’re looking at solutions for working at height, as Tensabarrier® posts have been approved by the Health and Safety Executive (H&E) as a workable solution.

Importance of Reducing Low-Visibility Areas

Low-visibility areas can increase the likelihood of accident and injuries in your workplace. Numerous factors create these areas, like poor workplace lighting or adverse weather conditions. Without significant light highlighting a hazard area, you may face the following:

  • Injuries caused by tripping and falling
  • Collisions by drivers due to reduced visibility
  • Unauthorised pedestrian entries into restricted areas

In poorly lit areas, both pedestrians and drivers may struggle to avoid hazards. As a result, the number of accidents may increase and your business may be found liable if the incident occurs on your premises.

Tensabarrier® Products

You can customise all Tensabarrier® health and safety barriers with NightView™ webbing. This includes our plastic posts, wall units, and the TC114 Tensacone Topper. Below are examples of Tensator® products and how they can be used to improve visual safety in your business.

Tensabarrier® Safety Barriers

Tensabarrier Facility retractable safety barrier Yellow post, black and yellow webbing, black heavy duty base

886 Facility Post

Tensator® are the experts in providing health & safety solutions for a variety of sectors. We have developed multiple posts designed as to meet safety barrier requirements.

For example, the “Facility Post” comes as standard with a heavy duty rubber base and a high visibility red or yellow plastic post. That makes this safety barrier ideal for use in industrial environments, as the base retains its shape even if driven over. For easy transportation and storage, dismantle the lightweight plastic post from the base.

You can also pick the finish of the safety barrier’s post to best suit your requirements; either a vivid red or a bright yellow. This helps make the posts more visible to pedestrians. In low-visibility areas, customising safety barriers with NightView™ webbing ensures you reduce the risk of accidents even further as any light will reflect from the material while the coloured posts make them easier to see.

Tensabarrier® Wall Units

Wall mounted retractable safety barriers help restrict access to a certain area. For example, when repairs, cleaning, or maintenance are needed regularly in a specific area of a workplace. Tensabarrier® Wall Units provide you with either a permanent or adaptable access restriction solution depending on the casing and mounting type.

Black Tensabarrier Wall Unit showing yellow and black chevron nightview reflective webbing

Tensabarrier Wall Unit with NightView Reflective Barrier Webbing

Most importantly is that the wall units have the same innovative features found in all other Tensabarrier® webbing cassettes, like the braking technology which slows webbing retraction upon release. When coupled with NightView™ webbing, you can quickly and clearly restrict access to specific indoor locations. The reflective quality and the minimised footprint of the wall mounted safety barrier reduces the risk of a collision, while allowing drivers and pedestrians alike to steer clear.

Tensacone® TC114 Topper

Transform standard traffic cones into an effective visual safety system using the Tensacone® Topper. Place on top of the cones and use like a normal retractable safety barrier. The webbing cassette is encased in a durable (and highly visible) orange plastic unit, and can be customised with NightView™ webbing. The reflective properties make the Tensacone® Topper an excellent outdoor safety barrier for a short time. Once the hazard has been dealt with and/or removed, you can remove the Tensacone® and place into storage for future use.

3 traffic cones with the Tensacone Topper attached, customised using red and white chevron webbing with a sign holder.

Tensacone Topper


Tensabarrier® retractable safety barriers, combined with the innovative NightView™ Reflective Barrier Webbing are an excellent method to help improve visibility in low-light areas. Combining the tried and tested Tensabarrier® webbing with highly visible reflective strips makes the NightView™ product a reliable and effective visual safety solution. By implementing high-quality safety barriers in the workplace, safety barriers and NightView™ webbing can help you:

  • Reduce injuries and accidents on site
  • Improve staff efficiency as they avoid hazards easily
  • Maintain a safe working environment.

Durable and effective, the NightView™ Reflective Barrier Webbing can be easily incorporated into your safety barriers. And with a wealth of experience implementing health and safety solutions in a broad range of sectors, the Tensator® experts can help you improve visual safety for your business.

Contact our health and safety experts today to book a free site appraisal.

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