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Tensator Rolls Out the Red Carpet for its New Online Home for the Iconic Lawrence Post & Rope Stanchions

BAY SHORE, NY – March 15, 2017 – Tensator Group, the leader in queue management and customer journey solutions, today announced that it would make its iconic Lawrence Post and Rope stanchions available online at www.lawrencemetal.com.  For over 136 years, the Lawrence Post and Rope stanchion has been recognized as the hallmark of the finest […]

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First Come First Served -Success or a Failure

First Come First Served -Success or a Failure?

Everyone knows how a queue works. It’s a line of people where the person at the front gets served first. The principle of first-come-first-served is followed when the order of processing is not pre-planned. Scheduled ones work in a slightly different way, like in restaurants which take reservations in advance and allocate a seat when […]

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