Tensator enlists Olympic gold medallist to unveil first Celebrity Virtual Assistant

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Press Release

As part of its grand opening, Rookie USA, a Manhattan-based premium, kids-only high end sports brand retail concept store, has selected the completely customisable Tensator Virtual Assistant, an innovative HD projection and audio-visual technology in the image of New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, a gold medal-winning basketball star of the London 2012 Olympics.

The Virtual Carmelo Anthony is part of Rookie USA’s retail concept; creating a new, in-store experience and way to conduct retail marketing, explaining how to use the store’s interactive features, introducing the complete Melo line, offering in-store advice and guidance, describing the Rookie USA Loyalty Program and even sharing basketball tips. Rookie USA is the first retailer to leverage a celebrity Virtual Assistant to launch both a new highly interactive store and an entirely new brand.

Prominently positioned at 6 feet 8 inches, the Virtual Carmelo Anthony captivates shoppers with its 3D look and feel, providing compelling store and branding information while engaging with customers. Surround sound audio is accompanied by highly visual information such as footage of Carmelo in action and the newest items in the Melo clothing line and sneakers, part of the Team Jordan brand. The Virtual Carmelo Anthony directs kids to the Hero’s corner to see superstar athletes in action and compare their footprints to those of their favorite athlete, invites them to experience the iPad bar, shoot hoops at Virtual Basketball Court, and use the interactive touch screens and kiosks located throughout the store. Customers can scan QR codes with the Virtual Carmelo Anthony using their smartphones to gain exclusive information and deals on Rookie USA brands.

Rookie USA is designed to be a kid’s only retail destination, providing a premium experience for savvy shoppers. Having the Virtual Carmelo Anthony provides Rookie USA with the ‘Wow’ factor that enables them to better attract, reach and sell to its key audience.

“Rookie USA has gone the extra mile in creating a one of a kind shopping experience by leveraging the global appeal of a world-renowned superstar like Carmelo Anthony and combining it with our next generation digital signage solution, the Tensator Virtual Assistant,” said Bill Vetter, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Tensator. “Because the Tensator Virtual Assistant is completely customisable there is no limit to the kind of marketing, or in-store experience that can be created to increase traffic, boost sales, inform customers about promotions, and generate excitement, all while building brand awareness.”

Here is the Rookie USA’s Virtual Carmelo Anthony video.

Installed in airports and world-leading retail outlets, the Tensator Virtual Assistant is generating interest across the world, and across every vertical sector. Tensator has an established network of 100 distribution partners and 1,000 resellers worldwide serving 170 countries, along with in-house support service resources and a wide global network of outsourced field service engineers.

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Tensator is the global leader in the management of the customer journey. Tensator’s products are proven to generate revenues, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. Tensator’s advanced customer journey and queue management solutions include: electronic call forward systems; dispersed virtual queuing technology; digital media platforms including the Tensator Virtual Assistant; in-queue merchandising; crowd and access control solutions; display and signage devices.

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