Tensator – Proud to be the Crowd Control Vendor of Choice at #GraingerShow 2016

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Last week the Tensator Safety Specialist crew was in Orlando attending the 2016 #GraingerShow — the mother of all events covering products, solutions and best practices to help businesses and institutions stay safe.  We were proud to be there having been selected the Crowd Control Vendor of Choice for this amazing and enormous event.  Our world class and world-renown TensabarriersⓇ were Grainger-branded shiny red, black and white — and placed front and center in the registration area. Over 200 Tensabarriers helped safely guide and process over 17,000+ attendees quickly and easily.

At our booth, our Tensator Virtual Assistant, in the form of a “virtual safety expert” helped draw the attention of thousands of attendees with safety tips and event updates.  Because the Tensator Virtual Assistant is a next generation digital signage solution in the form of a human, she brings messages to life and is one of the most innovative and engaging digital signage products available on the market today.  Ideal in situations like the #GraingerShow, the Tensor Virtual Assistant was able to rise above the noise of the crowds with bright and clear video prompts and captivate attendees. (And she never complained about “tradeshow feet” or even had to leave for a bathroom break!)

We had great conversations with customers and prospects about crowd control, the use of barriers, queue management, digital signage and traditional signage as part of a comprehensive approach to safety — taking both a preventative and proactive stance.  We even discussed the importance of managing wait time expectations and the use of innovative solutions to help guide, and capture attention in our busy and distracted world. One of the most important discussions we had with attendees was about helping prevent injuries at construction sites from arc flash. This phenomenon occurs when a flashover of electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to ground. When a human is in close proximity to an arc flash, serious injury and even death can occur.  OSHA recommends the use of barricades and the guarding of any location where arc flash can occur, and we’re glad to be helping customers better address this serious issue with our best in class and proven Tensabarriers

If you missed the show and want to learn more, please check out Tensator’s Safety Solutions.


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