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Tensator Group to Unveil Technology Showcase at GITEX 2014

GITEX Technology week logo and Tensator's Prima Kiosk

Tensator Group is preparing to take visitors at GITEX 2014 on a retail journey as it showcases the latest in queue management and customer journey technology.

The experience at the Tensator Group stand (Hall 2, A3-2) in the Dubai World Trade Centre (12-16 October) will begin with the opportunity to trial the new Inline Mobile App.

Following their experience with the app, visitors to the stand will continue their journey with a welcome from a member of staff using the tablet-based Inline Greeter application. As the first product of its kind in the Middle East, Inline Mobile is set to revolutionise the way customers queue. Using the app on a smartphone or tablet, consumers can join a virtual queue by taking a virtual ticket with an estimated time of service and move through it, or book an appointment for a specific time and person, without having to physically be in line or even near the vicinity of the business.

Inline Greeter enables retail sales staff to engage with customers from the minute they enter the store. The application delivers a high-tech offering that allows retailers to capitalise on customer preferences, eliminate waiting in lines and transform customer visits into a personalised experience.

Once they have been checked in by Inline Greeter, those visitors who have not pre-booked using Inline Mobile will be placed in a virtual queue and issued with a ticket from a PRIMA ticket dispenser. They would then be free to browse the retail environment until they are called to the next available service point.

For those wanting to make a straightforward transaction, Tensator Group will also be showcasing a Multi-Service Machine (MSM). This self-service kiosk will show visitors how cost savings, enhanced performance, increased sales and heightened brand promotions can be achieved when it comes to simple, low cost, repetitive payment transactions such as the sale of SIM cards, vouchers and mobile phone top-ups.

Completing the experience will be the latest next generation digital signage solution, the Tensator Virtual Assistant. Projecting the image of a real-life customer service assistant, it will be on hand to demonstrate how product information, directions and answers to frequently asked questions can be communicated to consumers in a unique and engaging way. Visitors will see how this technology can be used to free up staff members’ time, allowing them to improve efficiency and provide better customer service.

Commenting on Tensator Group’s innovative stand at GITEX 2014, CEO Alan McPherson said:

“It’s clear that customers are demanding a more personalised experience. They want to be presented with a solution to their needs without having to wait in lengthy queues or be passed between different members of staff.

“As a leading technology innovator, Tensator Group has its finger on the pulse of consumer requirements. Visitors to GITEX 2014 will be looking for the most innovative and cost effective ways to best serve their customers. To help them gain a unique insight into this, we’ll be putting them firmly in the shoes of the consumer.

“The Inline Mobile App will be a major talking point at the show as this is the first time that a company in the Middle East has implemented this type of feature as part of a Virtual Queue Management System (VQMS).

“We look forward to working with retailers and businesses at GITEX, to listen to their problems, show them viable, bespoke solutions, and, ultimately, demonstrate how they can give their customers the increased amount of control and efficiency they now expect.”

Tensator Group can be found in Hall 2 on stand A3-2 at the exhibition.

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