Tensator’s Virtual Assistant lightens the load at King’s Cross

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MILTON KEYNES, UK, 27 January 2014 – Tensator, the world leader in passenger journey management, is helping to improve traveller safety at King’s Cross Station with the introduction of a Virtual Assistant.

The Virtual Assistant uses cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person ‘Louise’ who is advising travellers with heavy, awkward to handle baggage to use the lift rather than risk the escalator.

Fully customisable, ‘Louise’ brings messages to life and helps engage passengers with consistent and clear directional and safety announcements.

Tensator worked alongside telecommunications and security systems integrator TEW Plus Ltd to supply, configure and install the unit which, during a six-week trial, has seen an increase of over 260 per cent in passengers using the lift.

‘Louise’, who is situated at the foot of the escalator and close to the lift, delivers her directional/safety messages whenever she detects movement in the immediate area.

Ajay Joshi, head of media and technology at Tensator said: “Existing signage was being ignored and the safety of escalator users was of great concern. We worked in collaboration with TEW Plus and Network Rail in the strategic design of the Virtual Assistant to both improve safety on escalators and promote the use of the lifts for heavier baggage.

“It’s obvious by such a massive increase in passengers using the lift that the Virtual Assistant’s instructions are being clearly understood and carried out as planned.

Neil Sheffield, director at TEW Plus said: “We are very excited about this product as we see a multitude of applications across the industry. The installation at King’s Cross has been a great success with a huge increase in lift usage being monitored since the Virtual Assistant was implemented. We expect this to lead to a clear reduction in the number of escalator incidents at the station as visitors with large luggage are re-directed to use the lifts.

“TEW Plus works hard to identify quality consumer products and partners that can help our rail customers improve safety and reduce costs. We expect our relationship with Tensator to be a strong and fruitful one over the coming years as more Virtual Assistant systems are developed and implemented in the various rail environments.”

The Tensator Virtual Assistant is a next generation digital signage solution designed to enhance both the passenger experience and the company brand. For more on Tensator’s range of solutions for the transport sector, visit


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