The National Association of Convenience Stores features Tips from Tensator on Impulse Purchases

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The latest issue of NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Magazine includes an article written by John Morell featuring exclusive insights from Louis Ruiz, Tensator’s Business Development Manager. This feature article highlights the importance of impulse purchases within convenience stores, and the fact that retailers and marketers are still struggling, leaving unsold merchandise—and profits— behind unnecessarily.

In the article, Ruiz gives easy to implement tips on how retailers can help make impulse purchases a priority. A few of these include:

  • Adding a wide range of the right type of goods at checkout
  • Keeping queuing fixtures at waist-level
  • Developing an atmosphere of customer spontaneity

The article also has a special section on how retailers can work with mobile. Instead of seeing it as a distraction, Ruiz suggests utilizing mobile as an ally for the c-store merchandiser. By seeing the mobile device as a helping hand, retailers can reach out at opportune moments and keep the consumer occupied throughout their purchase journey.

Interested to learn more?  Read the complete article Impulse Behaviorhere and find out about Tensator’s Impulse solutions here.

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