Three Ways to Boost Your Business’ Reputation

Three Ways to Boost Your Business’ Reputation

One of the founding fathers of the United States of America is known for one particularly poignant remark that we can all relate to. As Benjamin Franklin said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

We can all remember an occasion where a brand or organisation had promised us the world, and let us down spectacularly. Whether it’s a railway station that is badly signposted, or a supermarket that seems to have a complete disregard for the shopper experience – chances are after one bad experience you would never return.

For a business to cultivate a positive reputation, this takes time, attention to detail and a robust strategy that puts the customer first. However, despite the hard work, the good can be undone in an instant. After all, customer loyalty is the Holy Grail for businesses, encouraging repeat purchases and trusted ambassadors to communicate the benefits of spending their money to their friends and family.

But how do you achieve that? Here are a few starting points.

Invest in the customer environment

No-one wants to wait for a train in a dirty, crowded, badly designed platform – and the same can be said of any establishment people spend money. Ensuring a public space is considerately arranged with quality fittings and intuitive layout is crucial in making customers feel comfortable, at home, and looked after, even before they speak to a member of staff.

Helping people to find their destination

Queuing rage, which puts pressure on customer services as well as deterring customers from spending money, is a battle all retailers and travel points want to avoid. But, decision makers at retailers, airports, or railway stations can easily ensure people can find their way by considering ‘customer flow’. With Tensabarriers®for example, individuals are logically funnelled where they need to go, ensuring they feel looked after and organised in order to keep queuing issues to a minimum.

Ensure safety is top priority

In a busy environment, it’s inevitable you will be met with some kind of customer congestion. It’s a great problem to have if your store or station is full of paying customers – but can create issues such as queue-jumping, frustration and physical hazards too. Rest assured, when planned accordingly, you can militate against any crowd-related problems like this. For example, with bright colours and eye-catching wayfinding, people can know where they need to go and when in order to keep crowds under control and customers happy.

Tensator and Tensabarrier

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