Top 10 Things Our Customers Love about the Tensator Virtual Assistant

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Across just about every vertical industry market from retail, transportation, healthcare to event venues  – delivering branding, guidance, information, and “stop you in your tracks Wow Factor,”  Tensator Virtual Assistants are hard at work every day, round the clock, all around the globe.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Top 10 reasons why our clients love them:

1) “Passengers pay attention and listen, and intuitively follow-though with what Tensator Virtual Assistant ‘Carla’ says about the checkpoint security procedure and the divesting process. Carla was set up in less than a couple hours, and can run 24-7. The unit is mobile and can be moved to other parts of the terminal.  Carla is saying everything that is on the six or seven signs in the security checkpoint area; she is also fluent in Spanish.” Brad Martin, Airport Deputy Director of Aviation Customer Service at Boston Logan International

2) “Wow, this is an amazing item, I call it the virtual sales assistant because products situated near it are blowing off the shelves.” Fran Boller, Executive Vice President, Nike brands at Haddad Brand

3) “The Tensator Virtual Assistant virtual shopping consultants cut through the noise and distractions, capturing people’s attention and holding it. Not only are they seeing and hearing about specific retail, service and dining options in English and Spanish, but they are provided with real-time friendly guidance with real directional cues and offered suggestions on what they can buy and advice on currency exchange and duty free that enable them to make the best use and get the most out of the time they spend in the Terminal.” Adrian Songer, Chief of Airport Concessions Business Development at Miami International Airport 

4) “The installations definitely caused a wow factor and the sites really drew a crowd. It is vital for us to be creative innovators and as this was the first time a head-to-toe projection has been executed in retail design, I’m proud of the result we achieved.” Vicky Barrett, Design and Merchandising Manager for Clarins Fragrance Group commenting on the new virtual assistants designed to promote”Alien Eau Extraordinaire,” a perfume from its Thierry Mugler brand.

5) “The Tensator Virtual Assistant is a novel way to improve messaging and communication to patients, assisting their access to the hospital. It is an innovative way to convey key messages and it complements our reception team, signage and wayfinding as part of the whole new development.” Wendy Farrington Chadd, Trust Chief Executive, Oswestry Hospital

6) “The Virtual Assistant is a massive hit with our visitors.  From the young to the old, everyone is amazed when watching the image. This is an excellent way to get information across because it is so unusual that everyone is engrossed in it. Using the Virtual Assistant at the beginning of the tour has been a huge success as it gets the tour off to a perfect start.” Gill Hillary Stadium Tours Controller at Newcastle Football Club

7) “There is literally no other form of signage that could have achieved the amazing boost in sales that the Tensator Virtual Assistant delivered. Not only did shoppers stop, look and listen — they bought TY KU Sake — providing us with an amazing 600% lift in sales in the first weeks of deployment. We are delighted with the results of our Virtual Sommelier. Its ability to captivate shoppers is unparalleled.” Adrian Molina, Brand Communications Manager, TY KU

8) “After the success of the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign last year, we were keen to ensure our customers understand how the campaign can benefit them and how they can get involved. Digital shopping marketing innovation, such as ‘Isabelle’, is a creative and fun way to reach our customers with the campaign and is a piece of genuine digital innovation that we’re excited to bring to the market to build on the success of last year’s campaign.” Simon Miles, Digital Director at Coca-Cola Enterprises 

9) “We were looking for something different that could clearly communicate messages to customers in an innovative way. I had experienced the Virtual Assistant as a consumer and it really caught my eye. It is clear and concise in its delivery and you have the flexibility to make it really stand out from other marketing tools as it can be completely tailored to your requirements.” Kelly Hailou, Head of Promotions & Merchandising for Grosvenor Casinos

10) “Retailers travel from all around the world to learn about the latest developments in retail technology at Retail’s BIG Show. The Tensator Virtual Assistant is exemplary of the kind of innovation our attendees expect to see. The projected imaging grabs your attention and the surround sound speaker system ensures you hear the messages above the show noise. Welcoming, always on and never tired, the Virtual Assistant communicates consistent, precise and essential show info to a multitude of people at the same time continuously.” Susan Newman, Senior Vice President, Conferences, National Retail Federation. 

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