VA Health Care Wait Times – A Need for Scheduling Transparency

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The 1,700 hospitals and clinics in the VA system — the nation’s largest integrated healthcare network — handle over 80 million outpatient visits a year.

As seen in recent news coverage, the wait times for patients have been inconsistent and unreliable, resulting in some cases in fatalities and overall in fostering nationwide frustration and distrust. Aside from inconsistent policies across VA medical centers — outdated scheduling systems that even if used, have not been able to effectively handle medical appointment scheduling or ensure compliancy.

While many issues need to be resolved, a critical area of focus for the VA must be empowering their patients with transparency into the scheduling of their medical appointments. Given the availability of technology driven advancements such as virtual queuing, this is one major aspect that can be fixed easily and cost efficiently while ensuring compliancy.

Today’s virtual queue management solutions allow patients to see the next available dates and times when they can book their own appointments. Virtual queuing enables appointments to be booked either onsite at reception, via self-service kiosks, online and via mobile devices including Android smartphones, iPhones or tablets. The system automatically ensures patient, doctor and procedure match up and the systems can be customized to meet specific requirements. Real-time statistical data gained from a virtual queue management system further enables decision makers to ensure swifter appointment times, improved operational efficiencies and increased patient satisfaction by matching correct staff members to patient requirements and even optimize available resources to deliver patient service level improvements and cost savings.

By using a virtual queue management system, transparency in booking appointments can even help identify and mitigate problems that contribute to wait times. It’s time to bring this kind of advanced scheduling queue management to resolve the VA Health Care wait time issues.

With an American heritage dating back to 1881, Tensator has a wealth of experience in helping its customers efficiently manage wait times. Contact Tensator queue management experts to see how we can help bring transparency to patient appointment scheduling with cutting edge virtual queue management solutions.


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