Witness the changing customer journey at GITEX 2015

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Tensator Group will give visitors at GITEX 2015 a glimpse of the latest in customer journey technologies and queue management systems.

Tensator Group is aiming to help visitors create a more engaging and interactive experience for customers to improve efficiency and increase revenue. A range of products will be on display at the Tensator Group stand (Hall 3, C3-4) in the Dubai World Trade Centre (18-22 October).

One of these innovations is Inline Mobile, which has already revolutionised the queuing experience, allowing people to secure their place in a queue in advance. Inline Mobile is a user-friendly app through which customers will receive a ‘virtual’ ticket with an estimated time of service. Alternatively, they can use the app to book an appointment for a specific time and person, whether they are at home or on the go. This app eliminates the waiting process for customers, whilst enabling businesses to accurately forecast customer flow and ensure they have the appropriate resources for the demand.

Inline Greeter, which will also be on display, is a web-based queue management application designed to welcome customers in a more dedicated and personalised way. As well as improving the initial customer interaction, the Inline Greeter enhances the CRM data quality by collecting customer information when they first arrive.

Furthermore, Tensator will be showcasing Multi-Service Machines (MSM) that have been developed to improved operational efficiency. Enabled to complete everyday services and transactions, MSMs can be used to free up staff resources, allowing staff to concentrate on the more complex customer service enquiries. Delegates at the show will see these in action, performing payment transactions such as mobile phone top-ups.

Finally, the Tensator Virtual Assistant will also be on display, an innovative digital signage solution. The product is ideal for brand promotions, projecting the image of a real-life customer service assistant, who can demonstrate product information, answer frequently asked questions and provide directions and guidance. The Tensator Virtual Assistant has already experienced successes with global brands such as Coca-Cola, Mondelez International and Dubai International Airport. Visitors to the Tensator Group stand can see how this eye-catching product frees up time for staff, improving efficiency and provides an improved customer service.

Abdel Rahal, General Manager MEA at Tensator Group, comments:

“We are particularly excited to be returning to GITEX to showcase our latest solutions, which are becoming increasingly used in stores across the globe.

“Businesses have started to recognise the need to stand out from the crowd and provide higher levels of customer service. Gone are the days of long waiting lines for a product or service, and those that want to succeed need to keep up with the changing customer journey.

“The Tensator Group stand will provide a true insight into the future of the customer journey, showcasing the increased reliance on technology. Customer journey and queue management solutions will be key to coping with the rising demands of customers, which in turn, will lead to an increase in sales, improved customer retention and efficiency.”

Visit www.tensatorgroup.com and www.gitex.com for further information.

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