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Green light for Tensator Virtual Assistant in Switzerland

Tensator Virtual Assistant VA - Clarient Installation

Press Release

On 24th August, the Tensator Virtual Assistant made its debut in Switzerland greeting visitors at the eagerly anticipated opening of a three-year environmental exhibition at the Umwelt Arena.

Designed by international customer journey specialists Tensator, the Virtual Assistant uses the latest in audio-visual technology to create the illusion of a real person. It will advise visitors to the stand of the Swiss specialty chemicals company, Clariant, and is the first in use in Switzerland.

Clariant Virtual Assistant

Clariant are using Tensator’s state-of-the-art Virtual Assistant to welcome visitors to its exhibition stand at the Umwelt Arena, to explain what products and systems are being exhibited, and to reinforce its corporate social responsibility and environmental protection credentials.

María Paz Labarca-Neuhaus, Marketing Manager at Tensator commented: “We’re delighted that Clariant has chosen Tensator’s Virtual Assistant for the opening of their installation. The Umwelt Arena is a fantastic setting, and we’re confident that the Virtual Assistant will be an immediate hit with visitors to the Clariant stand.

“By relaying a continuous stream of valuable information, the digital signage technology will enhance the overall delivery of high standards at Clariant’s stand.”

Labarca-Neuhaus, added: “The Virtual Assistant will be helping Clariant for the next three years at the Umwelt Arena, and will prove to be an invaluable addition to their installation.”

The Umwelt Arena is the vision of Walter Schmid, a celebrated Swiss “ecopreneur”, and was built using the latest environmentally-friendly sustainable construction methods. Its ongoing exhibitions and conferences will offer manufacturers of green products, systems and services a chance to present their ecologically innovative ideas to customers and visitors alike.

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