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Leroy Merlin – Virtual Queue Management Systems and Corporate TV

Virtual Queue Management System

Leroy Merlin

The chain of stores Leroy Merlin Portugal defines itself as “an innovative and unique shopping centre that includes the widest range of products, the best prices and very professional personalized service.”

It consists of nine large stores specialised on selling DIY, building, decorating and gardening, located in the regions of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Albufeira.

Deployed near the big cities, the stores are Leroy Merlin DIY superstores (9,000m2 on average) in-service and assisted sales. Organised around five departments (DIY, construction, furniture, sanitary equipment and decoration), offering a range of products tailored to customer’s expectations at the best price.

Leroy Merlin, also includes more than 300 services tailored to each country to facilitate the purchase, installation and monitoring of projects, budgets, ordering, delivery, van rentals, after-sales service, and also placement, DIY classes and specialised bookstores in certain stores.

The Requirements

Manage queuing customers at various locations throughout the store, allowing the customers to take a ticket for the intended service at any ticket dispenser
Allow customers to follow the call of all services from any screen thus enabling a more comfortable wait
Improve communication and dissemination of products and customer service
Manage departmental / service resources according to customer demand
Enable communication between all system components in the store through WI-FI

The Solution

Newvision, A Tensator Group Company, developed a tailored solution from INLINE and Corporate TV systems according to the needs of the project. This solution was installed as a pilot in Alfragide store in September of 2011, with the installation of the remaining stores planned for a later stage.

The project includes a solution in which, communications between the various equipment are only through WI-FI connections, having no need to pass cables inside the store. We have placed a WI-FI card in each Multimedia PRIMA dispenser and every screen has attached a Hardpc, also with a WI-FI card. All the equipment communicates with the local server (physical PC on the first store but in future ones will be a virtual PC).

In total, the Alfragide store has installed 6 multimedia PRIMA ticket dispensers and one professional screen on each service counter (Returns, Financial Services, Kitchens, Wood/Glass Cutting and Colour Center). There are other 6 screens on the main corridors of the store, ensuring greater visibility of the solution inside the premises.



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