Pingo Doce continues to improve customer service with Tensator’s virtual queuing solution

Image Pingo Doce Virtual Queuing Solution by Tensator, VQMS

Focusing on the customer

To build on its reputation for helpful service, Pingo Doce required a system that would allow customers to find their way around the stores easily and use the separate product counters efficiently. The system also had to allow the company to make continual improvements.

The company wanted a virtual queuing system that would enable queues to be sorted by the type of service required, and would allow customers to pick up a ticket for any service from anywhere in store.

Pingo Doce also needed a system that could be managed online and could provide extensive reporting. This information, detailing which services were used and when, should enable the company to allocate resources relative to demand.

In addition to this, the supermarket wanted to include televised marketing messages at each screen, where the ticket numbers are displayed. This would assist in prompting customers to buy the featured products via the ticketing service, whilst opening up the opportunity for extra revenue via third-party advertising.

Implemented solution

“Tensator made an assessment of the unique needs and challenges within each store, in order to determine the optimum quantity and setup of the equipment.”

The Tensator Group developed a custom ticketing solution, based on the successful eQ™ Virtual Queue Management system with Inline management software, to be rolled out across 200 of Pingo Doce’s stores.

The software architecture is linked through the internet, allowing each store to work locally and then return statistics to the central server via a VPN link, so that the information can be analysed by the group’s management.

The eQ™ Virtual Queue Management system was used in tandem with Corporate TV to broadcast sales messages for sponsored products.

Features of Pingo Doce’s system include:

  • Synchronization of all multimedia content for the multiple digital signage Corporate
  • TV screens in every store
  • Introduction of the “channel” concept in the configuration of the contents
  • Establishment and distribution of key sales messages for the brand
  • The ability to broadcast messages from the store’s PA system
  • Display sponsored images and messages for each of the services that the ticketing system manages

Tensator made an assessment of the unique needs and challenges within each store, in order to determine the optimum quantity and setup of the equipment.

The system uses PRIMA ticket dispensers and EDESK call terminals, while LG 42” screens are employed for Corporate TV output.

Tensator provides full consulting, maintenance and support services to Pingo Doce, to allow the supermarket to get the best possible use from its system and let its customers have a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.

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Quality produce and attentive serviceWith over 350 stores and nearly 13,500 employees, Pingo Doce is the largest supermarket chain in Portugal.

Each store prides itself on the quality of its fresh produce, low prices and attentive service. The brand is targeted towards everyday purchases, with stores located close to residential areas and open every day.

Pingo Doce sets a benchmark of quality and innovation in the market, particularly in regard to its fresh produce offering for the price bracket.

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