Queue jumpers causing lost revenue, says survey

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The UK could be in danger of turning into a nation of queue jumpers unless action is taken to keep consumers in line, according to a survey from world leading queue management and customer journey specialists, Tensator.

The survey, commissioned by Tensator, delved into the queuing habits of consumers across the UK, and the results make for interesting reading for shoppers and retailers alike.

One of the key findings was that more than 1 in 5 shoppers (22.3 per cent) get frustrated with queue jumpers and a staggering 97 per cent said they would consider abandoning their purchase if the wait was too long – sending out a stark warning to retailers that they need to cut down on unruly queues.

Kevin Hickson, general manager at Tensator, commented: “We know that queuing environments are often under-used areas in outlets and that retailers have increasingly been using them as revenue-generating areas.

“However, our survey shows is that consumers demand an orderly and speedy queue or else they will simply walk away – resulting in lost revenue for retailers. We commissioned the survey to help find out more about the in-store experience of consumers, to ensure that the investment retailers and operators make, whether in merchandising or staff training, is spent wisely.”

Respondents to the survey also gave an insight into what they think about in queues, what frustrates them about queues and how long they are prepared to wait to be served in environments such as banks, bars and supermarkets.

More queuing frustrations emerged from the survey after just under half of the respondents said they would only be prepared to wait for up to five minutes to pay for their weekly shopping, while many were prepared to wait 15 minutes in a bank .

Another key finding was that more than 65 per cent of respondents said that they accessed social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as they waited to be served, and many often commented on these sites about the environment they were in – providing a clear opportunity for retailers to engage with customers at point of sale.

Just over 43 per cent said that when they were queuing, they were thinking about their plans for the rest of the day, but surprisingly many noted that they thought about how stores could improve the queuing experience, demonstrating that consumers do judge retailers based on their queuing experience.

When asked about impulse buys, the favourite items to pick up at point of purchase included sweets, confectionery and magazines.

For every survey response, Tensator made a donation to its local charity, Willen Hospice, a registered charity that provides specialist care for people whose illness responds to curative treatment (also known as special palliative care).

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About Tensator

Tensator is the global leader in the management of the customer journey. Tensator’s products are proven to generate revenues, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. Tensator’s advanced customer journey and queue management solutions include: electronic call forward systems; dispersed virtual queuing technology; digital media platforms including the Tensator Virtual Assistant; in-queue merchandising; crowd and access control solutions; display and signage devices.

Tensator empowers blue chip retailers, international airport terminals, transport providers, financial institutions, major exhibition, leisure and entertainment venues, construction sites, restaurants and hotels to speed customer flow through the queue, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By placing utmost importance on providing an enjoyable, efficient and profitable customer journey, Tensator’s clients benefit from operational savings, improved profits and rapid ROI, whilst gaining improved customer satisfaction ratings.

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