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Queuing customers come to the rescue

manual call forward queuing

A would-be bank robber who waited patiently in line for more than 10 minutes for his turn at the cash desk last Friday was overpowered by other customers queuing up at the branch in Málaga City, Diario Sur reports.

His attire in the recent warm weather had already given some cause for suspicion: a cap with a visor pulled down to cover the upper part of his face, and a high-necked pullover covering part of his chin. Suspicions were confirmed when he responded to the cashier’s question of ‘How may I help you?’ with the reply, ‘I’ve come to rob the bank’, pulling out a large knife from his pocket.

Customers in the queue managed to force him to the ground and hold him there until police arrived on the scene.

Accessible Train Station Design

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Kuveyt Turk invests in Tensator’s fine gold concept

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