Wall Mounted Retractable Barriers


Quickly and efficiently cordon off out of service areas to the public without using floor standing posts. Ideal for clearly defining routes and restricting access to areas that you want to cordon off and can fix to most surfaces either semi-permanently or permanently.

Wall units are perfect for retail stores to close certain areas to the store such as changing rooms, but they also work well in healthcare, factories, airports, train stations and tourists attractions – clearly restricting access to off-limit areas

Where can you use them?

wall units


Close off checkouts, alcohol displays or changing rooms.

Factory / Warehouse

Shut down aisles when using forklifts; use as a hazard warning for empty loading docks; create quarantine areas; or restrict access during maintenance work.

Hospital / Healthcare / Schools

Control or restrict corridor access during maintenance work or cleaning.


Prevent access to lifts and escalators during periods or close check-in desks.

Finance / Banks

Close kiosks not in use and prevent access to areas that are off-limits to the public.

Museum / Amusement Parks

Mark closed rides, attractions or displays.


wall units

891 Mini

Available with a black plastic finish. Smart, stylish and an economical wall unit option. Webbing length: 2.3m & 3.65m.
wall retractable barrier

892N Recessed Unit

Designed for mounting in a recess, the 892N features a subtle and discreet front fascia. Available in a black finish and 2.3m webbing length.
wall units

XL Wall Unit

The XL wall unit offers the longest webbing barrier on the market with 23 meters of black and yellow anti-static NightView™ reflective webbing. It creates a highly visible solution to improve visual safety within a health and safety environment. It is the ideal solution for cordoning off large areas such as entrances, exits and loading bays.
retractable wall barrier

896 Heavy Duty

Our robust and long-lasting unit is ideal for industrial environments. Easy to install and extremely durable. Available in a full range of finishes and 2.3 or 3.65 webbing length.
retractable wall barrier

897 Standard / 899 Max

Available in a variety of housing colours, the 897 provides long length barriers that are both practical and appealing. 4.6m and 7.7/9.0m webbing available.
retractable wall barrier

897 Plus

Whether used with a standard webbing colour or with a preprinted message, this 150mm wide belt ensures that your message will stand out. Available in a variety of finishes and 2.0m webbing.
wall retractable barrier

180 Rotating Unit

Can cordon off any area within 180 degrees. Its rotating cassette holder enables one unit to cordon off at any angle within the 180 degrees quickly and easily without multiple units. As standard, the body comes with a black fixing unit and yellow rotating head unit. Webbing is available in 2.3. and 3.65m length.

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