Shoplifting soars as a result of the recession

manual call forward queuing

The recently published “Global Retail Theft Barometer 2009” suggests that retail theft is on the rise, with the total value of stolen goods increasing by 20% to £4.88 billion in the year to June 2009. Employee theft account for 36.4% , with an average loss of a staggering £1,595.66, compared to £80.31 for external thefts.

Tensator understands the impact that theft has on a retailer, and strongly believes that investing in a single line electronic call forward system can reduce a form of employee theft known as “sweethearting”. Sweethearting involves a shopper taking a range of items to the cashier, who only scans the low-value items, or just one item of a multiple purchase, in order for their acquaintance, (most frequently a family member or friend), to receive higher-value goods at a discounted rate, or even for free.
Implementing an effective single line queue management system, can prevent stock loss as the cashier choice is automatically random, so any attempt by a customer to give up their place in the queue to wait for a particular cashier to become available then appears more obvious.

The Centre for Retail Research has stated that the recession has caused a rise in “middle-class” shoplifters, stealing goods such as mobile phones, iPods, cameras, cosmetics, alcohol and fresh meat, in order to sustain their standard of living.
The retail industry has seen its largest ever increase in shoplifting over the last 12 months, and the UK had the largest amount in value of shoplifted goods in Europe.

Tensator also offer a effective, simple and low cost range of recoil cassettes which seek to achieve the balance between consumer access and temptation to a thief. The recoil units can be attached to high value products on display, such as mobile phones, iPods and cosmetics, and securely fastened to the shelving unit.
Customers can then handle the product on show, but will not be able to remove it. Instead they will ask the cashier for the product to purchase; eliminating the opportunity to steal the high value item.

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